Infobase Quick Hits: Integrating CREDO REFERENCE into Your Library’s LibGuides: Webinar

Infobase Quick Hits: Integrating Credo Reference into Your Library’s LibGuides: Webinar

Are you preparing your LibGuides for the fall semester? This Infobase Quick Hit webinar shows you how simple it is to integrate Credo’s multidisciplinary reference content, Mind Map, and pre-made LibGuides into your own. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to embed Credo content and Mind Map into your LibGuides
  • How to find Credo’s pre-made LibGuides, where you can copy LibGuides flooded with Credo Reference content on any topic directly into your own LibGuides with just a few clicks
  • How to add the LibChat widget to your Credo Reference platform

Learn more about Credo Reference: Academic Core.

Try Credo Reference: Academic Core today with our easy, open trial through 9/15:
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Credo Reference is easy to integrate into your LibGuides.