Classroom Video On Demand: Master Curriculum Collection

Classroom Video On Demand: Master Curriculum Collection






Master Curriculum Video Collection

K-12 Schools & Districts

About This Product

Classroom Video On Demand provides users with the content, tools, speed, and performance that today’s online experience demands. Created for secondary schools, this fully responsive and mobile-friendly curriculum-focused video subscription provides unlimited access to thousands of videos for ALL departments.

Classroom Video On Demand‘s Master Curriculum Video Collection serves the specific needs of students who are preparing for college by providing top-quality video across the entire secondary curriculum, including life skills and guidance. This specially curated collection is ideal for middle and high schools that want targeted content, tailored specifically to their level, rather than a collection that pools the entire range of K–12 content into one platform.

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  • Quality – From Oscar, Emmy, and Peabody Award-winning documentaries to A-list performances spanning the arts, we bring you the best of what’s out there.
  • Breadth and Depth – We individually select titles from more than 1,000 international producers to bring a wide variety of the most relevant videos to suit the unique instructional needs of every subject. Notable series include Globe Trekker, Live from Shakespeare’s Globe, Job & Skills Evaluation, America—The Story of Us, Filthy Cities, A Concise Biography, and many more!
  • Performance – Our platform features an advanced technical infrastructure, a fully responsive interface, and a powerful search engine and browse functions, making it fast and easy to use 24/7 on any Internet-enabled device.
  • Freshness – Our acquisition efforts are ongoing, and new content is added regularly at no additional cost.
  • Correlated – All video content is correlated to Common Core, national, state, provincial, IB Organization, C3 Framework for Social Studies, AASL, College Board AP, national STEM, and Next Generation Science Standards, as well as 21st Century Skills.
  • Exclusivity – More than half of our titles cannot be found with any other academic distributor, thanks to exclusive agreements with hundreds of producers from around the world.
  • Top Producers – We work with the very best producers, including CNN, HBO®, Guardian News & Media, ABC News, NBC News, National Geographic, PBS NewsHour, Open University, Annenberg Learner, TED, ClickView/VEA, Films for the Humanities & Sciences, American Public Television, ARTE France, Bill Moyers, Allegro Productions, and many more!
  • Curriculum Mapping – Working with an advisory board of education professionals, our content staff has created a subject-matter taxonomy of more than 700 distinct areas of study within core subject areas designed to mirror the academic curriculum. We take pride in vetting every title before including it in the collection, and we think hard about how many places to cross-list each title in the taxonomy.

  • Stimulate and reinforce in-class lectures, introduce new topics, and encourage open discussion on key subjects
  • Content correlated to Common Core, state, national, provincial, Australian, College Board AP, IB, C3 Framework for Social Studies, AASL, NGSS, and national STEM standards, as well as 21st Century Skills
  • Seamless LTI integrations with course management systems such as Schoology, itslearning, Canvas, Moodle, and others, allowing resources to be directly embedded inside courses without having to leave the LMS
  • Create interactive video quizzes using full videos, segments, custom content, and Web Channels—an excellent tool for remote education and assessments
  • Create personalized playlists using premade clips, full videos, or custom segments; save favorites; share playlists for off-hours viewing and distance learning
  • Add a personalized video introduction to any playlist you create to provide an overview or give context to the videos in the playlist—perfect for distance learning and flipped classrooms!
  • Share to Google Classroom, plus Class Sync and Assignment creation tools
  • Add a link to department websites for immediate access to any top-level subject
  • Instructor’s guides for many titles
  • Monthly calendar for meaningful research suggestions and ideas

  • Find inspiration and material for research papers, projects, and presentations
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly—will work on all tablets and smartphones
  • Captioning and interactive, searchable transcripts on all titles
  • Follow up on a clip used by a teacher in class and watch the rest of the video
  • Dynamic citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard formats, with EasyBib, NoodleTools, and RefWorks functionality
  • Share, save, and organize videos/playlists
  • Google Translate on all descriptions, transcripts, and navigation
  • View the tablet/mobile-friendly videos from the library, school, or off-site, 24/7
  • Full keyboard navigation, screen reader support, and Read Aloud tool for text content

  • A comprehensive, curriculum-focused subscription providing unlimited access to thousands of videos
  • Videos can be easily added to leading discovery tools, social media platforms, and learning management systems
  • Single sign-on (Clever, ClassLink, Microsoft, or Google), LDAP, and IP authentication
  • Add your institution’s custom video content, YouTube content, or videos from educational Web Channels to the platform
  • Free MARC records for every video
  • Searchable Support Center with valuable help materials, how-to tips, tutorials, and live help chat
  • Limited performance rights in educational settings
  • Comprehensive admin portal with COUNTER 5 reporting and SUSHI exporting.

All titles are segmented into short, pedagogical clips, ideal for intermittent use during classroom lectures. For off-site viewing, students can choose to watch an entire film without interruption. Titles within the collection are sorted across distinct, browsable subject categories, enabling refined searches for available titles in specific topic areas.