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young job seekers on social media via a phone

Best Practices for Pre-Interview Social Media Clean-Up

Today, in the age of social media, the interview process begins well before your actual interview. These days, most hiring managers search your social media accounts for red flags before your interview (and sometimes before you even get to the interview stage). So, if you have an interview coming up, you’ll want to do some social media cleaning beforehand. Here’s how to do it. TikTok and Instagram If any of your social accounts are public instead of private, the first step to pre-interview social media clean-up is to delete all of the questionable photos and videos from your accounts, especially Instagram and TikTok, as those will likely be the first hiring managers will check. Questionable posts can include images and videos from bars and parties, along with any other images or videos you don’t want a person interviewing you to see. You might think leaving these posts on your profile is just being the real you, but they very well could be lowering your chances of getting that job you want. And even if you’re not the kind of person who posts a lot of party pics, don’t forget to check what your friends post about you. You might open

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LGBTQ+ couple watching videos from Access Video On Demand on their laptop at home

12 More Videos You Should Watch During Pride Month

We at Infobase are constantly expanding and updating our content in an effort to continue to speak to your community’s interests year after year. With that in mind, we have expanded our list of the top 5 films we think you should watch during Pride Month to include 12 new LGBTQ+ themed videos.  Available through Access Video On Demand for public libraries and Films On Demand for colleges and universities, these videos were released within the past four years and discuss LGBTQ+ history as well as issues and topics of paramount and increasing importance to the community today. In an era where greater restrictions are being passed in several states across the U.S., help your LGBTQ+ patrons and their allies take pride this coming June with these videos. The titles appear on both platforms unless otherwise noted. Some of these titles contain mature themes or content; viewer discretion is advised. Mama’s Boy (HBO®) HBO documentary Mama’s Boy, directed by Laurent Bouzereau (HBO’s Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind), centers around the upbringing of the Academy Award®-winning screenwriter of Milk, Dustin Lance Black. Traveling back to the places where he grew up, Black explores his childhood roots, gay identity and close relationship

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Teacher in front of a giant monitor with books on top, showing students videos about literature

Introduce Students to Great Literature Classics…with Video

When you’re interested in watching a movie and want to learn more about it beforehand, what do you do? Well, you’re not likely to go into the theater cold, so you might watch the film’s trailer, clips from the film, or a video review to get a sense of whether or not you might be interested. Now, what if there were something like that for literature classics? Not every student wants to dive headfirst into War and Peace without knowing what they’re getting into. Infobase has just what you need. With the school year coming to an end and Summer Reading rapidly approaching, Infobase has the resources that not only can help your students achieve a greater understanding of literature classics, but can maintain their interest in literature and learning throughout the summer months and well beyond. Makematic’s Literature Classics Let us introduce you to the Literature Classics series from Makematic. Available via Learn360 and Classroom Video On Demand, the series features 25 beautifully animated introductory videos, covering some of the most iconic titles in English literature. Each video explores key themes, historical context, and the life of the author—and is designed as an introduction to the text that inspires

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