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The hands of a child and an adult both planting a sprouting plant, representative of Earth Day

Looking for Earth Day Content? Start with Infobase

Since 1970, every April 22 has been dedicated to increasing awareness about the environment and the steps we can take to preserve the only home we’ve ever known, including helping clean up pollution, preventing deforestation, preserving precious habitats for our wildlife, and fighting the carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. Infobase has a wide variety of content that your institution can use to inspire people of all ages in your schools and communities to take action on Earth Day and every other day of the year. Streaming Media Resources for Earth Day Looking for videos and other media on the environment to kick off Earth Day celebrations? Infobase’s streaming video collections— the award-winning Learn360 for K–12 schools and districts, Classroom Video On Demand for secondary schools, Films On Demand for colleges and universities, and Access Video On Demand and Just for Kids for public libraries—are a wonderful place to start, with a wide range of videos that are both educational and fun, some of which include lesson plans and student activities for educators in schools and homeschools alike. Subscribers to Learn360 and Just for Kids can introduce younger students to the environmental issues with videos featuring their favorite characters

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Elementary teacher showing students the fun and informative content on Learn360

The Top 10 Search Terms K–12 Schools Are Using

Curious to find out what search topics are important to K–12 schools and districts? We compiled a list of the 10 most searched topics on the award-winning streaming multimedia resource Learn360 to get a sense of what topics are currently of interest, with links to Learn360 Topic Centers where educators at subscribing institutions can find fun videos, audio recordings, printables, and activities to share with the classroom and help plan their lessons. Are there any search topics that surprise you? All titles are available worldwide unless otherwise noted. We have included searchable item numbers for each title for your convenience. 1. Animals  It’s no wonder that Animals ranks #1 on the list. Everyone loves learning facts about animals, from the cuddly and cute to the wild and spooky. Learn360 features not one but two Topic Centers devoted to the subject. The Animal Fun Facts Topic Center and the Animal Life Cycle and Adaptation Topic Center bring together fun videos, games, activities, and more on a wide variety of your students’ favorite critters, including:  ducks (Wonderscape®, Item #276183),  penguins (Wonderscape, Item #276193),  bats (BBC Worldwide Learning, Item #241051),  skunks (Highlights for Children, Item #117192), and  sealions (Wonderscape, Item #279998).  Educators can

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Career-ready students at graduation with diplomas

Get Students Ready for Life after Graduation

Graduation season is rapidly approaching, and with that comes many exciting possibilities for your students after they toss their caps. Do the soon-to-be-high-school graduates have a college picked out—or even a sense of their career goals? Are they considering alternatives to college and exploring apprenticeships? Are the higher ed students “career ready”? And, are any of them really prepared for the job hunt? Get your students excited for their future opportunities! Infobase has resources that will help them think about the places they’ll go post-graduation day long before “Pomp and Circumstance” starts playing. Our career database, courseware, and streaming video collections can help them land on their professional feet, with content to help them find their best college match, plan their career, apply for a job, prepare for interviews, and know what to expect once they get a job.   Planning Your Career Starts with Ferguson’s From high school students choosing what they want to do with their lives to new college graduates about to enter the workforce, Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center is the perfect first stop for young people planning their future careers. This award-winning lifelong career exploration and planning database offers a wealth of resources that allow users to

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