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Infobase's Today's Science database wins Platinum distinction!

Today’s Science Brings Home the Platinum!

Ask any scientist what they know about platinum, and they’d tell you that it’s a dense but malleable precious silver-white metal with a high melting point. They may even know its chemical symbol (Pt) and atomic number (78). But thanks to LibraryWorks’ ninth annual Modern Library Awards (MLAs), Platinum is also the distinction awarded to Today’s Science—which has been helping students think like scientists since 1992. This esteemed distinction is not easy to come by. Today’s Science was reviewed by 80,000 library professionals who assessed the essential STEM database for its quality, functionality, value, customer service experience, and overall satisfaction. On a scale of 1 to 10—with 1 being “least satisfied” and 10 “most satisfied”—Today’s Science scored an impressive 8.53. “We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from librarians and teachers after adding Infobase’s Science Online and Today’s Science to our statewide resource collection,” one judge commented. “The platforms are easy to navigate, and the content fills the previously unmet need for high-quality science resources.” While the award is new, many of our existing partners and users have been with us for decades. We are proud to provide science content that helps your institution thrive. Not familiar with Today’s Science? Read

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magnifying glass with "JOB SEARCH QUALIFICATION" next to it

5 Interview Tips to Help You Land That Dream Job

A father and daughter duo share their interview experiences and wisdom that resulted in landing multiple job offers. The journey begins with the need to advance our marketing careers. The first search began in 2021 by my daughter Juliet, who was eager to grow her marketing career after working for a couple of years in her first job out of college. Then in 2022, it was my turn to also advance my marketing career. What was amazing is how we both coached/mentored each other in our searches to overcome the frustrations and disappointments along with exciting conversations to choose between multiple job offers. The bonus member of the team is my wife, who helped as a sounding board/outside perspective to provide advice and listen to us vent. We were all tired of complaining that we were not growing in our current jobs. However, we were determined to find a new job, and we did it together. My daughter landed back in August of 2021 and I started a new job in June of 2022. After a combined 50+ interviews, here are our top 5 lessons learned after trial and error. 1. Practice, Practice, Practice Your first interviews will be rusty—it’s

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"Self care" on wooden blocks

Self-Care Is Not Selfish

The celebrations of the holiday season are a joyous time for many of us, and the new year is now upon us! As winter settles in, January brings us back in check with our daily responsibilities. Now it’s time to get back to work, prioritize our regular or improved diet and exercise routines, and recover from all the parties. It can be a bit overwhelming if we don’t work at keeping things in balance. As we kick off the new year, it’s a great time to remember the importance of self-care. Of course, self-care means different things for each of us, but the key thing to keep in mind is that self-care is by no means selfish! People often believe that, by investing the time and effort in caring for themselves, it takes away from the ability to care for others. On the contrary, self-care is essential to physical and mental well-being. It enables us to be the best version of ourselves. If we are always feeling run down, stressed, and exhausted from taking care of others, we aren’t going to be the best caregiver, parent, employee, spouse, or friend. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start! Here are

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  • Build lesson plans and courses using vetted, curated content mapped to school and academic curricula, plus access high-interest topics for lifelong learning.
  • Deliver interactive learning experiences through our streaming video collections, reference databases, eBook collections, teacher resources, and courseware.
  • Dive into new research topics, explore new ideas, or find relevant content for presentations and reports.


  • Utilize digital educational tools that support learning through content engagement and knowledge assessment.
  • Discover mind-mapping features that encourage brainstorming and aid exploratory searching.
  • Introduce students to new concepts and relationships between ideas, and explore federated search.


  • Integrate content, lesson plans, and playlists into the school’s learning management systems (LMSs) like Google Classroom, Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology, itslearning, and more.
  • Utilize full interoperability, single sign-on, tag clouds, and default preferences.
  • Search by standards.
  • Benefit from integrations with discovery services such as Follett.