Access Video On Demand: Master Public Library Video Collection

Access Video On Demand: Master Public Library Video Collection






Master Public Library Video Collection

Public Libraries

About This Product

Access Video On Demand provides public libraries an expansive, patron-friendly collection of thousands of high-quality videos that complement and enhance any library’s content holdings. Offering unlimited streaming that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, we bring patrons exceptional content from the world’s top producers, including HBO®, BBC, A&E, National Geographic, and PBS, among others. 

Access Video On Demand delivers Oscar®, Emmy®, and Peabody Award-winning documentaries, how-to programs, top-quality performances spanning the arts, biographies of history-makers past and present, a wide variety of TV shows, movies, and so much more.

With something for every member of your community, Access Video On Demand allows learners of any background to binge great educational video, all for one fixed price.

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  • Breadth and Depth – From travel and fitness programming, to home and how-to videos, indie films, TV shows, popular music performances and documentaries, curriculum-based educational videos, and more, we individually select titles from more than 1,200 international producers to bring a wide variety of content that best suits a public library’s mission of providing lifelong learning and entertainment to a diverse range of patrons.
  • Top Producers – We work with the very best producers, including A&E, BBC Learning, PBS, National Geographic, ABC News, NBC News, CNBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, HBO® Documentary Films, Bill Moyers, Rick Steves, Globe Trekker, Julia Child, Open University, Annenberg Learner, TED, Films for the Humanities & Sciences, and many more.
  • Exclusivity – Many of our titles cannot be found with other video distributors, thanks to exclusive agreements with producers from around the world. We are the exclusive provider of HBO to the public library market, the co-exclusive provider of CNN content, and have exclusive rights to content from Guardian News & Media.
  • Performance – Our platform features an advanced technical infrastructure, a fully responsive and mobile-friendly interface, and a powerful search engine and browse functions, making it fast and easy to use 24/7 on any Internet-enabled device.
  • Freshness – Our acquisition efforts are ongoing, and every day we add more to the collection.
  • Intuitive, Patron-Friendly Organization – Our high-interest content is organized into more than 30 subject categories for simple browsing by interest. Additional filters allow patrons to find content by subject, covering popular topics such as health and wellness, family and living, history, sports, music and concerts, career and job skills, business and economics, travel, technology survival skills, a variety of film genres, and many more.
  • Exceptional Educational Content – Excellent for homeschoolers and learners of all ages, our platform features content that will both educate and entertain patrons on a wide range of curricular subjects, including history, science and technology, arts and crafts, music lessons, global studies, literature and theater, the human mind, society and culture, politics and current affairs, and more.
  • Movies and TV Shows – We offer patrons an advertisement-free source of entertainment they can access anytime, anywhere, from action, comedy, drama, mystery, and horror films to travel shows and health and wellness programs.
  • Card Catalog Integration – All titles come with MARC records that make the videos searchable alongside all the books and other materials in your library.

  • Exclusive, high-interest videos from top producers you won’t find anywhere else—plus, new content added regularly at no additional cost
  • Browser-based—no special software or hardware needed
  • Mobile app available for Apple iOS and Android
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly
  • Multiple search filters can be selected for more targeted results
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Featured series pages that highlight popular and selected content for patrons
  • Full language support with Google Translate on all descriptions, transcripts, and navigation
  • Captioning and searchable, interactive transcripts
  • Monthly calendar for meaningful library programming suggestions and ideas
  • Uses HTTPS, a requirement for many new browser features, to protect the security and privacy of our users
  • Custom Content Upload option, plus option to add YouTube content to the Access Video On Demand platform
  • Continuous Play and Loop Playlist options
  • A robust administrative section with enhanced reporting, including a Custom Report Tool and the ability to save and export reports
  • Searchable Support Center with valuable help materials, how-to tips, tutorials, and live help chat
  • Limited performance rights in educational settings or to facilitate free library programming
  • Marketing tools to increase patron awareness.

  • Encourage community building
  • Create and enhance library programming opportunities
  • Add exciting visual content to your reference desk
  • Freedom from inventory hassles and damaged DVDs
  • Provide easily accessible, meaningful video content for all patrons—with videos for students; seniors; children; parents; travelers; cooks; history buffs; animal lovers; entrepreneurs; DIYers; job seekers; science enthusiasts; dance, music, and theater lovers; artists; learners of all ages; homeschoolers; cord cutters; and many others!

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