Get Students Ready for Life after Graduation

Get Students Ready for Life after Graduation

Career-ready students at graduation with diplomas

Graduation season is rapidly approaching, and with that comes many exciting possibilities for your students after they toss their caps. Do the soon-to-be-high-school graduates have a college picked out—or even a sense of their career goals? Are they considering alternatives to college and exploring apprenticeships? Are the higher ed students “career ready”? And, are any of them really prepared for the job hunt?

Get your students excited for their future opportunities! Infobase has resources that will help them think about the places they’ll go post-graduation day long before “Pomp and Circumstance” starts playing. Our career database, courseware, and streaming video collections can help them land on their professional feet, with content to help them find their best college match, plan their career, apply for a job, prepare for interviews, and know what to expect once they get a job.  

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center

Planning Your Career Starts with Ferguson’s

From high school students choosing what they want to do with their lives to new college graduates about to enter the workforce, Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center is the perfect first stop for young people planning their future careers. This award-winning lifelong career exploration and planning database offers a wealth of resources that allow users to assess their career goals and interests, plan their education, learn workplace skills, find apprenticeships and internships, and much more. Even established professionals thinking of changing careers will find plenty of content to help them make that transition. 

Here is some of the content you can find in Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center:

  • Expertly researched, detailed articles on more than 150 industries and more than 1,200 professions, with current information on earnings, employment trends, job requirements, and essential skills.
  • Four school searches, including distance learning, graduate, undergraduate, and vo-tech schools, two comprehensive financial aid databases, and advice articles and videos designed to help students find the schools that are the best fit for their goals and needs and the financial support to attend them.
  • More than 590 tablet/mobile-friendly videos and clips covering jobs, industries, and career development skills, including: 
    • Career Q&A: Professional Advice and Insight videos that give users a no-nonsense insider’s perspective from working professionals across multiple industries and at different career levels. 
    • Career Tips videos offering concise, timely advice on job-search techniques and career skills such as writing better résumés and cover letters, networking, interviewing, and advancing your career.
  • An extensive section on highly sought workplace skills offers in-depth units with tips and exercises for understanding and mastering all-important “soft skills”: communication skills, organizational skills, problem-solving skills, and more.
  • Two Career Interest Assessments that allow students to identify their work-interest areas and match them to possible careers.

Career Interest Assessment, available on Ferguson's Career Guidance Center

  • An exclusive, proprietary Apprenticeship Directory containing thousands of programs with opportunities in every state for 50 career fields. 
  • An exclusive, proprietary Internship Directory offering more than 1,000 programs.

Internship directory on Ferguson's Career Guidance Center

  • Specialized advice articles for minorities, people with disabilities, and women seeking to launch and advance their careers.
  • And so much more!

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Get Fundamental Job Skill Training

More and more employers are seeking workers who not only have the basic skills to do the job at hand, but the people and workplace skills they need to thrive on the job and help others succeed as well. However, many employers believe schools and universities are not doing enough to prepare students in this way. Luckily, there’s a solution: the Career and Workplace Skills Collection by Seven Dimensions.

Available through Infobase Learning Cloud, the Career and Workplace Skills Collection offers more than 160 courses in career skills, workplace preparation, and training through short live-action videos supported by simple assessments to provide students with the competencies they need to flourish at any career—and to help educators get to the next level as well. 

The Career and Workplace Skills Collection from Seven Dimensions, available through Infobase Learning Cloud

The key subject areas covered include:

  • Achieving Best Performance
  • Business Success & Profit
  • Career & Personal Strategy
  • Communication & Relationships
  • Communication, Creativity & Problem Solving
  • Crises, Crimes & Ensuring Safety
  • Delivering Service to Clients & Teams
  • HR Strategy & Recruitment
  • Influencing & Sales Skills
  • Leadership Skills & Team Success
  • Lies, Love & Legal Issues
  • Managing People Problems
  • Managing Teams & Projects
  • Marketing, Brand & Reputation
  • Personal Development
  • Positive Psychology & Wellbeing
  • Powerful Leaders & Positive Culture
  • Psychological Well Being

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Prepare for Your Future with Streaming Video

Infobase has the streaming video resources your graduating students need, whether they’re learning a trade, heading for college, or about to enter the working world. The Classroom Video On Demand Career & Technical Education Video Collection is a powerful, multipurpose tool for vocational and technical high schools, ideal for students learning a trade and preparing for the world of employment. At the academic level, the Films On Demand Master Career & Technical Education Package is an essential resource for any university’s career center or counseling department, with thousands of titles that can guide students toward a long, successful career and a well-balanced life, regardless of their field of study.

Here are some of the titles in these collections to help your students face the future with confidence. We have included searchable item numbers for each title for your convenience. (Videos appear in both collections worldwide unless otherwise noted. Some of these titles contain mature themes or content; viewer discretion is advised.)

  • My So-Called High School Rank (HBO®, 2022, Item #286418; available in the U.S. and Canada through the Films On Demand Master Career & Technical Education Package)
  • Workplace Wellness series (PowerSplash Project, 2021, Item #275983)
  • Skillsumo: Work Inspiration series (Makematic, 2021, Item #238813) 
  • Skillsumo: Pathways series (Makematic, 2021, Item #238823)
  • Skillsumo: FutureProof series (Makematic, 2021, Item #238830) 
  • 2 Minutes to Success series (Seven Dimensions, 2020, Item #205602 [English] and #281761 [Spanish])
  • Jobs of the Future (Makematic, 2020, Item #195599)
  • College Essays (NewsHour Productions, 2023, Item #292691; available in the U.S. and Canada through the Classroom Video On Demand Career & Technical Education Video Collection)
  • Trauma to Triumph: The Entrepreneurial Educational Experience series (TeleTime, 2021, Item #286964; available through the Classroom Video On Demand Career & Technical Education Video Collection)
  • Future of Work series (PBS, 2021, Item #274920)
  • Marcellus Hall: An Artist in New York City (Fourwind, 2021, #287660)
  • Mental Health: Worker’s Edition series (Channel 1 Creative Media, 2020, #273797)
  • Mental Health: Manager’s Edition series (Channel 1 Creative Media, 2020, #273788) 
  • Start Up series (APT, 2019, #203034; available through the Films On Demand Master Career & Technical Education Package)

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