New Apprenticeships and More Come to Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center

New Apprenticeships and More Come to Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center

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The working world is in a state of flux. Workplace culture and trends have changed dramatically due to new technologies and major disruptions such as COVID. We can only guess at what the future holds for the world of work, but for right now, the best we can do is keep up with the changes. 

And, keep up with them, we at Infobase do. Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center, our award-winning reference database for lifelong career exploration and planning, is continuously updated with new content to help your students and patrons get the latest information about jobs and professions, career-related programs, and workplace culture. Take a look at some of the latest updates.

New Apprenticeship and Internship Programs

To support increasing interest in alternative career paths without a four-year college degree, we’ve added more than 725 new apprenticeship programs in all 50 states to the Ferguson’s Apprenticeship Directory, bringing the total up to more than 7,200. Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center’s advice and resources on apprenticeships provides the perfect starting point for anyone seeking to research, find, and apply for an apprenticeship. Watch this video to learn more.

We’ve also added more than 45 new internship programs to the 700+ already in the database to help students and new workers find opportunities to gain experience and get a foot in the door of their target industry.

Internships from Infobase's Ferguson's Career Guidance Center database

In addition, we’ve also updated more than 100 internship programs, assuring users that they’re getting the most current data on where to apply. Both the Apprenticeship and Internship Directories are updated on a regular, ongoing basis to provide users with consistently current content.

New Professions Articles 

Professions articles from Infobase's Ferguson's Career Guidance Center database

In addition to the more than 1,200 professions articles already on the Ferguson’s platform, users can now find 45 new professions articles covering high-interest and emerging careers such as: 

  • Addiction Therapists
  • Aerospace Medicine Physicians
  • Animal Physical Therapists
  • Autonomous Vehicle Safety Drivers
  • Building Performance Diagnosticians
  • Cancer Exercise Specialists
  • Chief Trust Officers
  • Cybersecurity Architects
  • Edupreneurs
  • Forensic Meteorologists
  • Growth Hackers
  • Hypersonics Engineers
  • Internet of Things Developers
  • Legal Operations Specialists
  • Plasma Physicists
  • Renewable Energy Site Assessors
  • Space Pilots
  • Visual Interaction Designers
  • And more!

We’ve also updated Ferguson’s popular lists of the fastest-growing, highest-paying, and most in-demand professions so users can stay on top of what jobs are trending now. 

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What Is Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center?

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center offers a wealth of resources for users to assess their career goals and interests, plan their education, learn workplace skills, find apprenticeships and internships, conduct a job search, and much more. For students choosing a career path, graduates entering the workforce, or professionals changing careers, Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center is designed to support users at every step of their career journey.

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center has earned many awards, including Gold distinction in the 2021 Modern Library Awards (MLAs), sponsored by LibraryWorks. It was also selected as a finalist in the 2021 SIIA CODiE Awards’ “Best College & Career Readiness Solution” category.

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