Encourage Library Patrons to “Do It Yourself” with These Videos

Encourage Library Patrons to “Do It Yourself” with These Videos

Young couple watching a DIY video while planning a project

For public library patrons interested in trying out their own DIY projects, videos are a great place to start as they provide a much-needed visual component to learning how to perform an activity. Seeing a technique in motion can be easier to follow and understand than looking at a two-dimensional diagram in a manual. DIY videos can also inspire watchers to take on projects or techniques they otherwise wouldn’t have considered. They can offer a look at what works…as well as what doesn’t. 

Access Video On Demand streaming video for public libraries features hundreds of home and how-to videos, including many for aspiring DIYers. Access Video’s mobile-friendly platform—with an app available for Apple iOS and Android—allows patrons to stream videos anytime, anywhere, even while putting up those floating bookshelves in the living room. Here are just a few of the videos DIYers can find on Access Video On Demand.

How to: Paint a Room Series (Wiley)

These short, easy-to-follow videos walk you through everything you need to know to do a killer paint job. From calculating how much paint you need, to fixing issues, and cleaning up once you’re done, you’ll be a master painter in no time!

George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations Series (BBC)

George Clarke's Remarkable Renovations, available on Access Video On Demand

How do you turn a building that was never intended for domestic use into a welcoming home? In this uplifting series, architect George Clarke breathes new life into industrial, commercial, and agricultural buildings. From a former bank to a giant granary, George helps homemakers convert their property into a beautiful place to live. Inspired by the relaxation of planning regulations and the current enthusiasm for renovation, this is inventive and instructive entertainment.

George Clarke’s Old House New Home Series 6 (BBC)

George Clarke helps people make their period homes fit for modern life, including a 16th-century listed Cotswold cottage with some nasty surprises, a Kent coast house needing a super-cool bedroom for an eight-year-old, an Edwardian arts-and-crafts terraced house in South London where the amazing original features need plenty of TLC, and much more. 

How to: DIY around the House Series (Wiley)

These short, easy-to-follow videos walk you through fixing and installing things around the house. From electrical systems to plumbing, your house will be tip-top in no time!

DIY SOS: The Big Build Series 30–32 (BBC)

DIY SOS: The Big Build, available on Access Video On Demand

Presenter Nick Knowles and the team issue a call to arms and recruit friends, family, and local trades to help transform the homes of families across Britain, including those whose DIY projects were abandoned or went wrong partway through.

Disaster DIY Series (Distribution360) 

Disaster DIY is the exciting hit show about do-it-yourselfers who have failed at their own home renovations and are in desperate need of some on-the-job training! Host and contractor Bryan Baeumler arrives to save a family from a reno disaster and teach the DIYer how to fix his own mess. With his rapier wit and humorous brand of tough love, Bryan shows the DIYer his mistakes, then teaches the safe and proper way to fix them. Family and friends of the DIYer comment and join in to watch as Bryan takes the DIYer from a handyman disaster to a hero. (Available in the U.S. & Canada.)

How Not to DIY Series (BBC)

We spend billions a year on DIY materials, and every day, more and more people are filming their handiwork. This is the show where anything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Delve into the toolbox of disaster and visit the homes of DIY nightmares throughout Britain. 

Leave It to Bryan Series (Distribution360)

When homeowners want to kick-start their dream renovation project, they call construction guru Bryan Baeumler for help. Given the choice of three projects, Bryan helps the homeowner separate their wants from what he believes to be their needs. Taking their keys and waving them goodbye, Bryan leaves the homeowner guessing as to which of the three projects he is going to take on. Will they trust his instincts and reset their renovation expectations in this ultimate renovation tug of war? (Available in the U.S. & Canada.)

Bryan Inc. Seasons 1 and 2 Series (Distribution360)

Bryan Inc., available on Access Video On Demand


Bryan and Sarah Baeumler take on a new business venture together—building and renovating two houses for Bryan’s company, Baeumler Quality Construction. Bryan and Sarah brave the tumultuous world of residential renovations for clients. This is a new challenge for Sarah as she continues to juggle the demands of family and work life, while taking on even greater responsibilities. Meanwhile, Bryan is expanding the construction arm of his business to tackle even more projects! (Available in the U.S. & Canada.)

Kirstie Allsopp’s Home Style Series (BBC)

Watch British television presenter and craft aficionado Kirstie Allsopp create a personalized doormat using vintage font; transform bored, tired chairs into vibrant, colorful pieces; create concrete lamps to add a wow to any sitting room; and turn out handmade coasters from old tiles.

Tackle My Reno Series (Distribution360) 

Professional football player and handyman Sebastian Clovis helps homeowners who need help to finish renovations, tackling problems such as a partially demolished kitchen, a nightmare basement, and an incomplete master and en suite renovation. (Available in the U.S.)

Welcome to My Farm Series (APT)

Welcome to My Farm, available on Access Video On Demand


Join host Lisa Steele, New England’s very own backyard chicken keeper and Master Gardener, as she welcomes viewers to her farm in the woods of Maine, where she and her husband live with a mixed flock of chickens, ducks and geese, a corgi, and a barn cat. In Welcome to My Farm, Lisa shares a glimpse into her country lifestyle—cooking and DIYing her way from the coop and garden to the kitchen.

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