Offer your students what they need to complete assignments, research, or explore new ideas independently, while encouraging their curiosity to explore the vast content available in Infobase solutions. Infobase makes it easy for leaders and educators to help their students explore familiar and convenient integrated solution environments.

Integrations, Discovery Services & Partner Applications

Infobase products have access to a variety of free integrations with other partner products we have integrated with. The list of available apps that can be enabled will vary based on the product(s) you subscribe to, but range from Chrome extensions, Microsoft, and Google.

Flexible integration options provide students easy access to content to complete their projects, search for inspiration and explore a wide range of topics – using your familiar LMS tools – or Infobase intuitive platforms and apps. Either way, we have your students exploring in seconds.

Integrate Media Cloud Products - Media Cloud draws from brands you trust to bring world-class content, digital tools and video to your learning environments. Admins love the flexibility and seamless integration options with leading discovery tools and learning management systems. Some highlights include:

  • Single sign-on, LDAP, and IP authentication
  • Seamless LTI integration
  • Authenticated HTML embed code that allows direct access to videos
  • Customizable platform that includes home page features, account preferences and school branding
  • Option to add your own Custom Content or external video content
  • Exportable metadata making it possible to integrate Infobase streaming video content with virtually any system

LMS integration is very widely used for accessing the content directly from Infobase platforms. Infobase has multiple levels of integration including:

  • First Level: Record URLs and page links, which are authenticated links directly to specific videos or pages within the platform
  • Next Level: An embedded video player - we offer multiple embed code options for each video to ensure there is a working embed code for nearly any place you can input HTML code
  • Highest Level: Some form of direct integration, such as an LTI app for a learning management system or a tool within the platform for sharing directly to another service

Integrate the Learning Cloud Platform - Infobase Learning Cloud content integrates into premier third-party systems, such as Blackboard, Canvas, D2L LTI 1.3, Moodle, Schoology and others.  

Integrate Infobase’s Learning Cloud platform and learning framework directly in your classroom or into your LMS. We know lesson planning needs flexibility and easy access to the content so we provide you options that best showcase your teaching talent and technology integration.

To explore options and get best practice suggestions with an Infobase integration expert. Providing
fast and easy access to content is a key driver toward student learning, confidence, and exploration.
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