Going Beyond Pre-Post Assessments to Embrace the Rocky Road of Social-Emotional Learning: Webinar

Going Beyond Pre-Post Assessments to Embrace the Rocky Road of Social-Emotional Learning: Webinar

A New, Proven Approach for More Effective SEL Assessments

Sharing findings from schools using a CASEL-aligned Social-Emotional Learning program, we introduce a novel approach in which performance assessments are embedded naturally throughout SEL experiences. Rather than limiting SEL feedback to simple pre-and-post endpoints, a more continuous stream of assessments can provide greater insight into the interim development of new capabilities, revealing the “Rocky Road” that students actually experience in their SEL journey. With improved understanding of students’ evolving needs, educators can make more informed decisions and tailor student learning for better outcomes.

You will learn:

  • The shortcomings of common approaches to assessing SEL
  • How to assess students with a continuous stream of introspections
  • How to provide better guidance for individual & group learning


About the Presenters:

Preeti Shrikhande, the founder and CEO of Vivensity™, is a frequent speaker on youth and adult well-being. Recent topics from Preeti’s engagements include: Bullying; Teacher SEL; Mental Wellness in Women; Balancing Life and Career Paths; and The Importance of Data and Assessments in SEL for Middle & High Schools. Under Preeti’s leadership, Vivensity created its imSparked© program for Social Emotional Learning (SEL), recognized as a Top 10 Edtech Solution for its effective results with middle and high school students. imSparked was developed after extensive research into best practices of applying SEL to students’ daily lives. With a uniquely engaging design, CASEL-aligned curriculum, and easy-to-use teacher support, imSparked empowers school communities with essential life skills. Prior to her work with Vivensity, Preeti applied her master’s degrees in computer science and statistics to years of product development and leadership at prominent technology firms (Sun, PayPal, Rational, etc.). She is a certified life coach and also is certified in yoga and meditation.

Marion Goldstein, Ed.D., is a widely published author and presenter to diverse audiences. At Vivensity, Marion serves as Director of Strategic Partnerships, supporting the imSparked Social Emotional Learning Program for middle and high schools. She brings 20+ years of experience applying the learning sciences to the development, implementation, and evaluation of technology-integrated programs for use in schools, homes, and community settings. Tapping into the assets and needs of children, teachers, and parents is central to her work, as is translating research findings into resources that positively impact learning, engagement, and instructional practices. Marion earned her Ed.D. in Educational Technology and Human Development at Teachers College, Columbia University. Throughout her 12 years at Education Development Center (EDC), her R&D work focused on improving the developmentally appropriate use of technology in PreK–12 teaching and learning.

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