Learn360 Essentials: Back-to-School Tips and Tricks: Webinar

Learn360 Essentials: Back-to-School Tips and Tricks: Webinar

Set your classroom up for success with Learn360! Prepare for the start of the school year with this webinar with Learn360 product expert and former educator Emily Ice, where you’ll explore opportunities to leverage Learn360 videos, printables, interactives, and audio to engage your students and propel learning. Discover how you can inspire classroom conversation and learning with classroom polls. Get creative with imaginative activities using images and audio. Develop students’ creativity with a variety of literacy activities that capitalize on student curiosity and passion. Celebrate classroom learning with class timelines, bingo, and so much more!

In this innovative presentation, you will learn:

  • How to use Learn360 to build a sense of community in your classroom.
  • How to leverage images and audio to inspire creative writing and literacy.
  • How to design incentives aligned to Learn360 usage to support classroom management.
  • How to support your educators with Learn360 training resources.

About Emily Ice

Emily Ice is the K–12 Video Acquisition Manager at Infobase. As a former elementary school educator, Emily leverages her experience in the classroom, curriculum development knowledge, and passion for teacher training to inform and curate Infobase’s K–12 video content. She has her Bachelors in Psychology from Duke University and has her Masters in Education from the University of Notre Dame.

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