Debating Today’s Issues & Controversies (with Editor-In-Chief Andrew Gyory): Webinar

Debating Today’s Issues & Controversies (with Editor-In-Chief Andrew Gyory): Webinar

The world has never had greater access to information than it does now in 2021. But between the ease of access to all kinds of information (including information that is false or misleading) and the rapid creation of new information for public consumption, we are faced with a media landscape that can be overwhelming, contradictory, confusing, and polarizing.

As a result, building solid critical-thinking skills and learning how to practice respectful academic debate has never been more important. One cannot engage in a civil discussion about controversial topics without a solid grounding in the key facts and points on both sides of any given issue or conflict. The core mission of Issues & Controversies is to provide information that is accurate, authoritative, and unbiased so that students can understand the context and competing positions of every major conflict and debate facing contemporary society.

In this brief webinar, we speak to Editor-in-Chief Andrew Gyory, Ph.D., and discuss how our Issues & Controversies database is built to support critical thinkers and debaters. We discuss:

  • What is Issues & Controversies, and how do our editors create content for it?
  • How specifically can librarians use Issues & Controversies to advance critical-thinking and information literacy instruction in the courses they support?

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