Afghanistan War: A Featured Controversy from Issues & Controversies

Afghanistan War: A Featured Controversy from Issues & Controversies

Featured in Issues & Controversies:
AFGHANISTAN WAR: Was the United States Right to Have Withdrawn from Afghanistan?

Was withdrawing from Afghanistan the right thing for the U.S. to do? Be sure to check out Issues & Controversies’ complete and unbiased coverage of this divisive issue. Here is a sample of the pro/con arguments on both sides of the issue.

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There was no military solution to the Afghanistan War, which had long devolved into a bloody and expensive stalemate. A diplomatic agreement with the Taliban can still restore peace and deny terrorists sanctuary. It was past time to end the longest war in U.S. history. Withdrawal from Afghanistan will turn the country into a haven for extremists. The Taliban are untrustworthy, and returning them to power will leave the Afghan people vulnerable to violent oppression. The United States had a moral responsibility to maintain a military presence in Afghanistan.

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