5 Things to Know about Today’s Science: Video

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5 Things to Know about Today’s Science: Video

Have you heard of Today’s Science—current science news written in accessible language with vibrant images, topical videos, and interviews with scientists covering every facet of current scientific research? Want to learn more? Here are five things to know:

  1. Current News Articles: Today’s Science contains more than 6,000 original articles, written in easy-to-understand language, highlighting the most important advances in all areas of science. Each article includes stunning video, images, and diagrams that give users a front-row seat in a virtual scientific amphitheater.
  2. 12 Curated Topic Centers: Today’s Science features full, hyperlinked list of topics covering virtually the entire scope of STEM. Each Topic Center is broken into smaller subtopics covering the full spectrum of anthropology (including archaeology), astronomy and space, biology, chemistry, Earth science, the environment, mathematics, medicine and health, physics, psychology, science and society, and technology.
  3. Conversations with Scientists: Exclusive and original content, these articles feature unique and insightful first-person accounts of recent breakthroughs from practicing scientists at leading institutions around the globe. An excellent source for research paper topics, inspiration, and career guidance, these unique articles also serve as primary source documents.
  4. 18,000+ Visuals: We supplement our extensive scientific subject coverage with thousands upon thousands of  images, photographs, diagrams and charts. Today’s Science will have a suitable image for just about any teaching or learning need.
  5. Science News Videos: Extending its coverage of breaking science news, Today’s Science features hundreds of Science Video News Briefs, with more added weekly—to bring the most current science information to your end user on a regular basis.

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