Four Keys to Using Issues & Controversies in Instruction: A Guide: PDF

Four Keys to Using Issues & Controversies in Instruction: A Guide: PDF

This brief guide provides ideas for using Issues & Controversies in instruction. Written by instructional designer and doctoral candidate Waneta Hebert, this resource offers simple suggestions to build students’ coherent understanding of contemporary issues using the content and tools readily available in Issues & Controversies while also illustrating how supplemental resources can impact student learning. Learn how you can use Issues & Controversies to support critical thinking by:

  • Engaging students with the power of choice
  • Empowering students to explore their interests
  • Elevating struggling students with additional support
  • Extending high-achieving students to new heights

About Waneta Hebert:

Waneta HebertWaneta Hebert is an instructional designer and lecturer with a Bachelor of Science in Education from Kent State University, a Master of Education from the University of Houston, and she is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education at Sam Houston State University. With experience on all sides of instruction—as the designer, the instructor, and the student—Waneta is an expert in course design and instructional technology in K–12 through higher education, online, face-to-face, and nearly everything in between.

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