Same Learning Cloud, New Look

Same Learning Cloud, New Look

The new Infobase Learning Cloud home page

Infobase Learning Cloud—the acclaimed cloud-based platform that provides upskilling, course authoring, and professional development solutions for K–12 schools and districts, colleges and universities, public libraries, and corporations—has a new look. Its redesigned home page provides users with an even more engaging, intuitive experience, making navigating the platform and discovering the wide range of content, tools, and technology even easier. Users will still find all of the features they love on the home page—and discover even more they hadn’t noticed before.

The new Infobase Learning Cloud home page

Some of the new home page features include:

  • Course Log: the ability to see recently viewed courses and assignments
  • Browse Categories menu 
  • Improved search bar and sliders for a more engaging and easier navigation experience
  • Responsive design, offering dynamic sizing to scale view based on the user’s device
  • New sliders, including Recently Added, Recommended Courses, Learning Pathways, Assessment & Evaluation, Instructional Strategies, Software & Technology, Special Populations & Accessibility, Student Resources, and more.

"Learn a new software" slide on the new Infobase Learning Cloud home page

What Is Infobase Learning Cloud?

Infobase Learning Cloud provides best-in-class e-learning tools for academic, professional, and personal development solutions to meet the evolving needs of your institution. With a vast digital learning library plus the option to create customized courses, this cloud-based platform provides the online educational resources members of your growing community need to be confident and successful. Learn more about the Learning Cloud platform here. 

This acclaimed platform is continually being updated with new and improved features to best fit your needs. Recent additions to the platform include:

  • An Enhanced Authoring Tool, an update to Learning Cloud’s popular course authoring tool, with a wide range of enhancements including a new and improved design and user experience, support for xAPI and HTML, and much more.
  • A new Quiz Builder functionality that enables instructors and designers to create assessments without the need for outside software while still offering the option to upload files created off-platform.
  • Enhancements to Learning Cloud’s LTI 1.3 tool, granting users the ability to select which LearnIts (videos) and ProveIts (quizzes) they wish to embed in the LTI 1.3-compliant system of their choice, including LMSs. 

Even more enhancements are coming soon!

Contact us to learn more about how Infobase Learning Cloud can help your institution!

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