Improve Outcomes with Infobase Learning Cloud’s New Quiz Builder

Improve Outcomes with Infobase Learning Cloud’s New Quiz Builder

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Infobase strives to provide instructors and students with best-in-class e-learning tools for academic, professional, and personal development via its Learning Cloud platform. In addition to the Custom Authoring Tool, which allows users to produce their own courses, we offer an Enhanced Authoring Tool. Subscribers to this premium suite enjoy advantages including support for a range of file types as training resources as well as practice exercises allowing learners to apply their knowledge. In an effort to provide continuous improvement and value to our customers, we reviewed user feedback and recognized a need for custom assessment design within the platform. Enter Quiz Builder, the latest advancement within our Enhanced Authoring Tool. This now enables instructors and designers to create assessments without the need for outside software while still offering the option to upload files created off-platform.

Meet Quiz Builder

Course administrators can find our new Quiz Builder functionality under the ProveIt component of the Enhanced Authoring Tool. We offer a variety of ProveIt assessment types that leverage the H5P framework and allow instructors to produce rich, interactive HTML5 content. All accounts subscribed to the Enhanced Authoring Tool have already been granted access to Multiple Choice (for which one or more correct answers can be indicated) and True/False ProveIt types. Premium Quiz Builder, an add-on purchase to the Enhanced Authoring Tool subscription, also includes the following ProveIt formats:

  • Fill in the Blanks, also known as cloze tests, to invite the learner to show mastery by adding missing words
  • Drag the Words, a text-based challenge for matching missing words to their proper place
  • Drag and Drop, in which images and text can be combined in a matching task
  • Mark the Words, inviting users to find and click on the relevant text to demonstrate understanding
  • Essay, which scans text entered by the user for specific keywords and their alternative terms as designated by the instructor
  • Quiz, a sequence of various ProveIts combined into a multiquestion exercise

The ProveIt component of the Enhanced Authoring Tool also accepts H5P and SCORM package uploads so that content from other sources such as Adobe Captivate can be migrated to Learning Cloud.

Because our top customers have consistently identified flexibility in customization as one of the Infobase Learning Cloud’s standout offerings, we have made sure to incorporate easy ways to either use preloaded configurations or make further edits to your ProveIts to individualize them to meet your needs. Users who are uploading their own file packages from off-platform can also leverage the translation functionality to allow you to offer the same assessment resources to speakers of other languages.

Our improved assessment functionality available via Quiz Builder allows your learners to achieve better educational and development outcomes by giving them the opportunity to reflect on how closely their understanding of the subject matter matches your standards. To learn more, contact your account manager about the Enhanced Authoring Tool and Premium Quiz Builder or visit to learn more about our offerings for new customers.

Quiz Builder "Create Content/Upload" function on Infobase Learning Cloud

Quiz Builder sample question on Infobase Learning Cloud

Quiz Builder sample question on Infobase Learning Cloud

Quiz Builder sample question on Infobase Learning Cloud

What Is Infobase Learning Cloud?

Infobase Learning Cloud provides upskilling, course authoring, and professional development solutions to meet the evolving needs of your growing community. With a vast digital learning library plus the option to create custom courses, this cloud-based platform provides the online educational resources members of your community need to be confident and successful. 

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