Project-Based Learning Ideas with Learn360: Look Toward the Future

Project-Based Learning Ideas with Learn360: Look Toward the Future

Young student coloring in a globe as part of project-based learning

From AI technology to cryptocurrency, the world around us is quickly changing. Learn360 has all the multimedia content to inform, prepare, and engage your students with practical, real-world learning opportunities. Whether your students are striving to be zookeepers or graphic designers, challenge your students with cross-curricular projects to deepen their knowledge and build lasting connections across your classroom community. Let your students’ interests and passions drive their learning with these engaging project-based learning ideas.

1. Create a 100th Day of School Game Show

The 100th Day of School is fast approaching. What better way to celebrate than challenging your students to reflect on their learning by designing a class game show? Launch the project with Nussbaum Education’s Not Boring Jeopardy: Presidents Edition (2021, Item #276656). Then divide your class in teams and task your students with finding facts and trivia on Learn360 from past units. Have your students gather questions for their peers on everything from the U.S. Revolutionary War (The First Allies of the Revolution, 2021, Item #279948) to habitats (Habitats, 2021, Item #277119) and poetry (Change Poems, 2021, Item #275030). Whether your students started the year reviewing fractions (Multiplying Fractions, 2021, Item #279034) or landforms (Earth’s Surface: Landforms, 2021, Item #280783), a 100th Day of School Game Show is a surefire way to celebrate!

2. Host a Presidents’ Day Podcast

How do you make a podcast go viral? Interview all the presidents! Presidents’ Day (Presidents’ Day Worksheets, Item #211766) is the perfect time to host a class podcast (Podcast, 2020, Item #195267). With 46 presidents (Presidents Interactive, 2023, Item #284254) to choose from, offer your students their choice or assign each student a president. Challenge your students to research each president using Learn360’s printables, videos, and interactives. From George Washington (America’s First President: Setting Precedents, 2021, Item #274342) to Joe Biden (Can Biden Unite America? 2020, Item #241061), invite each president up to the mic and dive into the deep questions that shaped their lives, their office, and their legacies. Remember to record and share your podcast with the whole school community!

3. Create Spring Break Travel Brochures

Channel your students’ influencer fantasies and vacation daydreaming into something impactful. Task your students with learning about the history, government, and landforms of different countries (World Detective, 2021, Item #276670) and cultures (Cultural Diversity: Respecting Each Other’s Differences—Social Studies Kids, 2021, Item #276217). Leverage Learn360 videos, printables, and audio to design engaging brochures (What Is the Difference Between Adverts and Brochures? 2017, Item #147861), script out persuasive marketing (Convince Me, 2022, Item #282933), and pitch realistic budgets (Why Is Budgeting Important? (Financial Literacy), 2022, Item #283085) and itineraries. For a long-lasting impact, consider incorporating a service learning aspect to support community growth!

"Cultural Diversity: Respecting Each Other's Differences—Social Studies Kids" on Learn360

4. Organize an Awareness Campaign

Whether it is a passion for pangolins (Pangolins (High Five Facts, Season 2), 2022, Item #283161) or a fascination with Amelia Earhart (Global Icons: Amelia Earhart, 2018, Item #195493), the obsessions of childhood are a powerful learning opportunity. Harness your students’ passions and idealism and launch an awareness campaign to support community change. With Learn360, students can explore global issues and concerns. Host a panel discussion and allow students to share their interests and ideas. Then create action items and launch campaigns. On Earth Day, come back together as a class and discuss key learnings and the effectiveness of each awareness campaign

5. Create a Children’s Book

What was your favorite children’s book? No matter how old your students are, they are sure to have a memory and an opinion when it comes to children’s literature. Prepare for Read Across America Day now with student-created children’s books (Flip Folk Tales, Item #282909). From the process of writing query letters to final publications and book deals, learn from celebrated authors with Streamable Learning on Learn360. Explore figurative language (Metaphor, 2020, Item #238645), theme (Reading Literature—Determining the Theme of a Story, Item #211107), and the art of illustration (Why Move and Sketch? Item #274995) and then let your students’ imaginations take over. On March 2, your students can host a publishing party and invite the entire school community!

"Why Move and Sketch?" on Learn360

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