Fall STEAM Ideas Using Learn360 and Classroom Video On Demand

Fall STEAM Ideas Using Learn360 and Classroom Video On Demand

Young student collecting leaves for a fall project

Autumn is the perfect season to explore your students’ STEAM interests, from exploring the reasons why the leaves change color to the carving of pumpkins. Discover how you can integrate STEAM principles in your instruction with Learn360 and Classroom Video On Demand.

Learn360 and Classroom Video On Demand have all the multimedia resources to answer your students’ pressing fall questions. With content to support the life sciences, physical sciences, planetary science, and so much more, Learn360 and Classroom Video On Demand enhance learning in your classroom.

Life Sciences

Whether you’re turning your classroom into a haunted house or reminding your students about nutrition this holiday season, Learn360 has the life science content you need to launch your next unit on the topic. Consider using this festive season to teach your students about the skeletal system. Explore How Many Bones Are There in the Body? (I Wonder: Human Body) (Educational Voice Ltd, 2020, Item #286826). Dive into the world of spiders with Spiders: A Web of Wonder—Science Kids (Wonderscape®, 2020, Item #276198) and explore the life cycle of your class pumpkin with Plant Diversities (Discover Mediaworks, 2014, Item #194841). 

Consider adding Classroom Video On Demand for more life science content perfect for your high school classroom. Extend your lesson on the skeletal system and dive into the Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body: Part 6 (Sky Studios Limited, 2017, Item #166084). Get your students squirming at the edge of their seats with Edible Insects (PBS, 2021, Item #274940). Add some terror to your plant life cycle lesson with Weird Science: Carnivorous Plants: The Science Squad (Network Ireland Television, 2015, Item #138844). With exclusive content, Classroom Video On Demand has all of the supplementary resources to engage your high school students this fall.

"How Many Bones Are There in the Body?" available on Learn360

Physical Science

From creating rock candy to the browning of apples, the autumn season is the perfect time to explore physical science with Learn360. Consider launching your science investigation of slime with States of Matter: Reversible and Irreversible—Science Kids (Wonderscape®, 2021, Item #276199) or begin a day of bobbing for apples with a lesson on buoyancy with Episode 1: Density Intensity (ScienceXplosion) (Distribution360, 2019, Item #285687). Make your students’ hair stand on end with a lesson on static electricity with Electricity from Light Bulbs to E-transportation—Science Kids (Wonderscape®, 2021, Item #276184). With Learn360, your students will be awed by the physical world around them.

Add Classroom Video On Demand to take your classroom investigations to the next level. Stretch your slime investigation with Slime (MVD Entertainment Group, 2018, Item #239004) as well as all the other experiments in Xploration DIY Sci – Season 3. Extend your students’ understanding of atomic structures and properties with Tercera’s Chemistry series, and explore the connections between density and molecules with Discovery of Atoms: Introduction (Tercera, 2020, Item #280030). Also, take your students back in history and learn all about the origins of electricity in Spark: Shock and Awe—The Story of Electricity (Open University, 2012, Item #49438).

"Do-It-Yourself Slime," available on Classroom Video On Demand

Planetary Sciences

Nothing is spookier than a full moon and a lightning crash on a dark rainy day. Embrace the autumn chill with Learn360 and explore the changing of the seasons with Nature’s Force: Episode 3 (Switch International, 2021, Item #284488). Investigate the formation of storms with Humanity from Space (PBS, 2015, Item #131234). Search for witches in the night sky and discover the patterns and phases of the moon in Back to the Moon (PBS, 2019, Item #191995). Whether your students are hoping to catch the Orionids meteor shower before it ends or counting down to Thanksgiving break, they will delight in learning about comets and meteors in What Are the Different Parts of a Comet? (I Wonder: Space) (Educational Voice Ltd., 2022, Item #285376).

Consider adding Classroom Video On Demand for a more immersive space exploration and a closer look at our planet’s weather and climate. For example, students can learn about hurricanes with Episode 1: Hurricane Dorian (Gathering Storm) (National Geographic, 2020, Item #283831) from National Geographic’s series Gathering Storms. Leverage PBS content to learn about the ozone layer with Ozone Hole: How We Saved the Planet (PBS, 2019, Item #188612) and improving technology with The Telescope (PBS, 2019, Item #188585). Then, debate current controversies with BBC World Learning titles such as Should We Go to Mars? The Big Think (BBC World Learning, 2017, Item #145441).

"Should We Go to Mars? The Big Think," available on Classroom Video On Demand

What Is Learn360?

The ultimate streaming multimedia resource for the K–12 educational market, Learn360 is an easy-to-use media library that is correlated to standards, organized for educators, and full of K–12 content from the industry’s top producers. Learn360 gives teachers, students, and parents access to more than 191,500 media resources—videos, interactives, printables, audio content, and more—on any Internet-enabled device, anytime, anywhere.

What Is Classroom Video On Demand?

Classroom Video On Demand—created for middle and high schools—is a curriculum-focused video subscription providing unlimited access to thousands of videos for ALL departments. This fully responsive and mobile-friendly multisubject solution is an exceptional value and offers one-stop shopping for librarians and educators, with a wealth of material appropriate for basic through AP courses.

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