Learn about Women in Native American Society and More

Learn about Women in Native American Society and More

Zitkala-Sa is one of many people you'll read about in American Indian History's new Women in Native American Society Topic Center

One of the best resources for exploring Native American history and culture just got even better. Infobase’s award-winning American Indian History database—which covers more than 15,000 years of culture and history and 600+ Native American groups—now features two new Topic Centers: Ancient Cultures and Women in Native American Society

Ancient Cultures

Long before Europeans reached the shores of the Americas, sophisticated civilizations had already developed throughout the continents. Ancient Cultures covers the origins of these Indigenous peoples, their myths, and their culture in various regions of the continent up to the time of the European conquest. Learn about the very first Americans who crossed a land bridge to get to what is now the Americas as well as the Aztec, the Inca, Maya, Mound Builders, Olmec, Southwest cultures, and Toltec. 

Women in Native American Society

Traditionally, Native women played important roles in their society, but as soon as Europeans arrived, they were denied their rightful positions of responsibility. However, in the 19th century, Native women wielded newfound and traditional knowledge to surmount efforts made to obliterate Indian cultures. Today, Native American women occupy leadership roles in American society. Read about the traditional roles that many Native American women had as well as the impact European colonization and the reservation system had on those roles. Also, read about Native American women reformers and activists who fought—and continue to fight—for the rights of both women and indigenous Americans. 

What Can You Find in American Indian History’s Topic Centers?

American Indian History's Topic Centers can be found on the home page

American Indian History’s editorially curated Topic Centers allow users to locate and explore relevant, authoritative content quickly and efficiently. The focused modules feature specially selected, historically accurate content covering different culture areas, eras, and subjects. Students conducting research on Native American history will find everything they need to study each topic, explore related research subjects, or prepare a presentation. Educators will appreciate the hand-selected resources available for each topic, including a book-length introduction to each Topic Center, a selection of full-color maps and flags, a slideshow overview, video documentaries, primary source documents, a timeline, and a list of suggested research topics, each of which leads to a cascade of additional material. 

Other Topic Centers you can find in American Indian History include:

  • American Indian Contributions to the World
  • Mythology and Religion
  • U.S. Indian Policy and Law
  • Contemporary Issues: 1980–Present
  • A wide range of culture areas, including Arctic Culture Area, Northeast Culture Area, Southwest Culture Area, Great Plains Culture Area, and more.

The Topic Centers can be found under “Browse” in the drop-down menu and on the right rail of the homepage. Plus, the “Topic Centers” overview page provides brief summaries of all available Topic Centers, with a filter by type in the right rail. Links to this page can be found under “Browse Resources” on the homepage and in the drop-down menu.

This November, for Native American Heritage Month, direct students and researchers to check out American Indian History for the best in Native American historical reference. American Indian History is also cross-searchable with four other history databases from Infobase—American History, African-American History, Ancient & Medieval History, and Modern World History—for an even more comprehensive search.

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