Find Native American Flags in Infobase’s American Indian History

Find Native American Flags in Infobase’s American Indian History

If your institution is celebrating Native American Heritage Month and is looking for flags representing Native American tribes and nations, look no further than Infobase’s award-winning American Indian History database. American Indian History features an extensive archive of more than 400 full-color tribal flags—now prominently accessible via its home page. 

American Indian History home page, with Featured Native American Flags slider

Native American Flags, Maps, and So Much More

American Indian History’s new “Featured Native American Flags” slider puts this impressive collection front and center. The flags are downloadable, embeddable, and can also be shared to Google Classroom as well as via record URL and email. Researchers can also take a deeper dive into the details of each tribe and its flag—as well as find a locator map for each tribe—via the database’s Sources tab, where they will find a link to the authoritative, vetted content from Infobase’s brand-new Encyclopedia of Native American Flags

"Apache Tribes of Oklahoma" from the Encyclopedia of Native American Flags, an American Indian History source

What Else Can You Find in American Indian History?

American Indian History offers fast access to more than 15,000 years of culture and history, covering more than 600 Native American groups, through tablet/mobile-friendly videos and slideshows, images, biographies of key people, event and topic entries, primary sources, maps and graphs, and timelines. With a user-friendly interface, this award-winning database allows for an interactive, multifaceted look at the indigenous peoples of the Americas. 

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For an even more comprehensive view of history, American Indian History is also fully cross-searchable across all of the Infobase history databases, including: 

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