Empower Educators with These Classroom Resources

Empower Educators with These Classroom Resources

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At Infobase, we know it can be challenging to be a teacher, which is why we try to make the job easier. Resources like Learn360 feature content—including more than 1,100 printable ideas, activities, and worksheets from The Mailbox® Plus—that can be invaluable to educators who need classroom ideas and teacher tools quickly. These effective, teacher-tested ideas can help provide the motivation and inspiration teachers need to continue taking on one of the most important jobs in the world: the education of our children. Here are just some of the printable handouts you can find in Learn360 to support a positive classroom community—and inspire a joy of learning and teaching.

Hosting Successful Parent Conferences (Item #211857)

Supporting student learning requires strong partnerships between families and educators. Build meaningful and impactful relationships with your parent community this school year. This printable packet features advice from educators from across the U.S. on steps you can take to prepare, with questionnaires for students and parents, permission slips, and more.

"Hosting Successful Parent Conferences" on Learn360

Motivators and More for the School Year (Item #211850)

The best educators make every student and community member feel seen and valued. The incentive charts and whole-class activities you’ll find include a fall display to showcase students’ kindness toward their classmates, a gingerbread-themed activity to encourage good behavior, and much more to encourage classroom engagement for every month of the school year.

"Motivators and More for the School Year" on Learn360

A Plan to De-stress (Item #277685)

Learning to manage stress is a crucial part of the SEL competency self-management and an essential life skill. Use this whole-group activity with printable worksheets to guide students on coping with stress—and maybe pick up a few pointers for yourself along the way.

"A Plan to De-stress" on Learn360 

It’s a Teacher Takeover (Item #211984) 

“If you switched places with your teacher for the day, how would the day go?” Assign this fun narrative writing assignment to challenge your students to describe what they think your typical day looks like. 

"It’s a Teacher Takeover" on Learn360

What Is Learn360?

The ultimate streaming multimedia resource for the K–12 educational market, Learn360 is an easy-to-use media library that is correlated to standards, organized for educators, and full of K–12 content from the industry’s top producers. Learn360 gives teachers, students, and parents access to more than 191,500 media resources—videos, interactives, printables, audio content, and more—on any Internet-enabled device, anytime, anywhere. 

Looking for Even More Resources to Support Your Educators?

Did you know you can add more than 52,000 worksheets, activities, and lessons to your Learn360 subscription with The Mailbox® Plus? Content from The Mailbox® is made for teachers, by teachers and is fully accessible within your Learn360 when you subscribe to both. 

The Mailbox® Plus can help teachers save time as they introduce, teach, and reinforce skills across the curriculum, covering subjects such as language arts, math, science, social studies, and more, plus teacher tools to help with classroom management and lesson planning. Take a free trial today!

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