Make the Most of Learn360’s New Topic Centers

Make the Most of Learn360’s New Topic Centers

Learn360 Topic Centers

Excited to start planning for the new school year with engaging multimedia lesson plans? Check out Learn360’s Topic Centers and find all the multimedia assets you need to take your lessons to the next level. Find videos, interactives, audio, and printables for all of your favorite topics in one spot. 

Learn360 Topic Centers are available to support a variety of subjects and grade levels. With 50 Topic Centers covering STEAM, literacy, social studies, and community building-related subjects, you can construct a wide variety of lessons to support core curriculum areas and all of your students’ interests. Get started with these five topics and lesson plan ideas below:

  • Phonics and Reading Readiness 
  • Habitats and Biomes
  • Fast and Slow Changes on Earth
  • Fractions
  • Mapping, Landforms, and Oceans

Phonics and Reading Readiness (Gr. Pre-K–2, 3–5)

Whether you are an administrator, teacher, or librarian, you serve as an important ambassador to supporting your students’ literacy. Literacy is the foundation of learning and an important element in cultivating lifelong learners. Explore Learn360’s Topic Center on phonics and reading readiness. Combine videos, printables from The Mailbox®, audio recordings, and interactives to support phonics instruction and present initial consonant digraphs.

1. Print Initial Consonant Digraphs (Item #210860) and share them with your students.

"Initial Consonant Digraphs," available on Learn360

2. Practice each sound while watching Lesson 18: Short Vowel Words Starting with “sh” (Item #282062).

"Lesson 18: Short Vowel Words Starting with 'sh'," available on Learn360

3. Reinforce the digraph sounds with audio assets such as Chew, Chew (“ch”): Sing and Learn Phonics, vol. 3 (Item #113639).

"Chew, Chew ('ch'): Sing and Learn Phonics, vol. 3," available on Learn360

4. Celebrate phonics skill development with games and interactives.

"Alpha Train," available on Learn360

Habitats and Biomes (Gr. 3–5, 6–8)

As an elementary school or middle school teacher, you’ve met a student who is incredibly passionate about red pandas, komodo dragons, or great white sharks. Dive into Learn360’s Topic Centers and learn all about the habitats of your students’ favorite wildlife. With videos, printables, and interactives, students’ learning will be propelled further than ever before.

1. Preview the vocabulary with your students with Makematic’s Habitats video (Item #277119).

"Habitats" from Makematic, available on Learn360

2. Then, divide your students up to learn about different habitats with a series of videos.

list of different habitats from "Habitats" from Makematic, available on Learn360

3. Challenge your students to read about their assigned habitats, and engage your classroom with reading comprehension activities.

"Amazon Rainforest," available on Learn360

4. Assess your students’ understanding of ecosystems with Exploring Ecosystems (Item #211408), a cool collection of activities.

"Exploring Ecosystems," available on Learn360

5. Celebrate your students’ learning with even more engaging videos and interactive activities.

"Habitat Havoc," available on Learn360

Fast and Slow Changes on Earth (Pre-K–2, 3–5)

If you’ve ever asked your students to guess your age, you know that time can be a very relative concept. For young students, 2003 is practically the time of the dinosaurs. Add some time and perspective to your lesson plans with Learn360’s Fast and Slow Changes on Earth Topic Center. Combine videos, printables, and interactives to explore how erosion,  natural disasters, and human impact influence our communities. 

1. Compare and contrast fast and slow changes on Earth. Print out Investigating Erosion (Item #211376), and challenge your students to identify the causes of erosion. 

"Investigating Erosion," available on Learn360

2. Contrast the slow effects of erosion with the fast changes on Earth caused by natural disasters such as volcanoes. Read Pompeii (Item #110155) and discuss how humans and our environment are interconnected.

"Pompeii," available on Learn360

Fractions (Gr. 3–5, 6–8)

What fraction of the class voted for extra recess today? There are many engaging ways to teach fractions in an elementary school classroom. Whether your class is planning a fraction pizza party or learning how to calculate their grades in percentages, find all the videos, games, and printables for engaging fraction lessons in the Fractions Topic Center.

1. Print out the Fraction Puzzle Pages (Item #211235), and get your students thinking creatively.

"Fraction Puzzle Pages," available on Learn360

2. Support differentiation in the classroom with Small Fraction Cards (Item #211239).

"Small Fraction Cards," available on Learn360

3. Reinforce instruction with Comparing Fractions (Item #279032), and celebrate learning with Tony Fraction’s Pizza Shop (Item #110038).

"Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop," available on Learn360

Mapping, Landforms, and Oceans (Gr. 3–5, 6–8)

Are your classroom clay mountains accidentally growing mold? From the Grand Canyon to the Great Plains, Learn360 has all the resources to streamline your landform lesson plans without the mess. Check out Mapping, Landforms, and Oceans and explore videos, printables, and games that can enhance your students’ geographical knowledge.

1. Start with an engaging video to introduce the topic: Earth’s Surface: Landforms (Item #280783). 

"Earth's Surface: Landforms," available on Learn360

2. Engage your classroom with an interactive game and assess your students’ comprehension with “Geog” Your Memory (Item #211784).

"'Geog' Your Memory," available on Learn360

3. Reward and celebrate the classroom learning with Landforms Central (Item #110086).

"Landforms Central," available on Learn360

This summer, take advantage of our 50 new Topic Centers and start your lesson planning early. Each ready-to-use Topic Center is carefully curated with a variety of multimedia resources—including videos, interactives, audiobooks, and printables—so you can save time looking for the appropriate materials to create dynamic lessons that will captivate your students. 

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