The World Almanac® for Kids: New Topic Area—Age of Dinosaurs

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The World Almanac® for Kids: New Topic Area—Age of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are a popular topic among young researchers studying the life sciences, and The World Almanac® for Kids now has a new topic area devoted to these prehistoric giants. Divided into eras, the new Age of Dinosaurs topic area covers three major areas of study:

  • The Triassic Period: includes the Mesozoic world, the mass extinctions of the Late Triassic epoch, dinosaur ancestors, and early dinosaurs.
  • The Jurassic Period: covers the Jurassic world, the Jurassic fossil footprint, herbivorous giants, giant predatory dinosaurs, and armored and plated dinosaurs.
  • The Cretaceous Period: includes the Cretaceous epochs, the decline of the big plant eaters, giants and feathered dinosaurs, origin of birds, marine reptiles, extinction of the dinosaurs, and more.

Each section includes full four-color illustrations and diagrams and concludes with a glossary. Students can also find Fun Facts on topics such as “The Origin of ‘Dinosaur’” and “Do Dinosaurs Have Descendants?” as well as videos on dinosaurs and biographies of key people including Sue Hendrickson and Steve and Bindi Irwin.

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