The World Almanac® for Kids: Ancient Civilizations Module Expanded

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The World Almanac® for Kids: Ancient Civilizations Module Expanded

Five new units have been added to the Ancient Civilizations module in The World Almanac® for Kids. Complete with beautiful four-color images and maps as well as a timeline and glossary, these sections cover important early peoples and cultures including:

  • Ancient Persia: Includes information on the early peoples and civilizations of what is now modern-day Turkey, Iran, and Central Asia and covers the early Achaemenid dynasty as well as the rise of Zoroastrianism in the Persian Empire. Chapters include Introduction to Ancient Persia, History of Ancient Persia, Lifestyle of Ancient Persia, and Art, Science, and Culture.
  • Medieval Islamic World: Covers the early Islamic Empire, which had a very advanced culture and was the most powerful state in the world from 632 to 1258 CE. Chapters include History of the Islamic Empire, Government and Society, Living in the Islamic Empire, and Art, Science, and Culture.
  • The Mongols: Describes the nomadic warriors of Central Asia that, under the leadership of Genghis Khan and his descendants, quickly built an empire that stretched from Korea to Eastern Europe—the largest continuous area of land ever controlled by one ruling family. Chapters include History of the Mongol Empire, Government and Society, Daily Life in the Mongol Empire, and Art, Science, and Culture.
  • Medieval West Africa: Covers a vast array of peoples and territories that inhabited West Africa for about 900 years. Chapters include Introduction to Medieval West Africa, The Ghana Empire, The Mali Empire, The Songhay Empire, The Soninke People of the Ghana Empire, and The Mande People of the Mali Empire.
  • Ancient Incan Empire: Describes an empire that began in Cuzco, Peru, and whose influence spread from the eastern foothills of the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, from present-day Ecuador in the north to present-day Chile and Argentina in the south. Chapters include History of the Incan Empire, Incan Society, Living among the Incas, and Art, Science and Culture.

The Ancient Civilizations module features articles, images, maps, links to bullet biographies, games and puzzles, and Fun Facts articles providing accessible introductions to ancient cultures, including the history, major leaders, lifestyle, religion, and legacy of each civilization. Other cultures covered in Ancient Civilizations include ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, and ancient Greece.

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