New Content on the Civil Rights Movement & More Comes to American History

New Content on the Civil Rights Movement & More Comes to American History

American History users know they can always turn to the award-winning history database’s Topic Centers to find good starting points for research on subjects including America at War, Early America, Daily Life in America, Multicultural America, Society and Social Issues, and much more. Topic Centers bring together specially selected content on different eras, themes, and milestone events of history—including articles, shareable slideshows, videos, and primary sources.

Topic Centers in the American History database

Now, we’ve added even more Topic Centers to American History, bringing the total up to 49! American History’s new Topic Centers include:

Civil Rights Movement

Thanks largely to the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case of 1954, which declared that segregated schools were unequal and therefore unconstitutional, the civil rights movement began to gain momentum. This movement, led by such activists as Martin Luther King Jr., espoused nonviolent protest as a means to ending racial segregation and promoting equal rights for African Americans.

Landmark Supreme Court Cases

The Supreme Court issues decisions that shape American law, define the functioning of government and society, and address the most important issues of the day. Famous cases like Roe v. Wade, Plessy v. Ferguson, and Miranda v. Arizona are among the most important decisions made by the court, but many others have also had a profound impact on the American way of life.

Progressive Era

On many measures, events that occurred in the Progressive Era mark a watershed in American historical development. American cities and businesses grew, the suffrage movement began, new cultural ideas started spreading, and many varieties of reform took place on the local, state, and national levels.

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