Make New Year’s Resolutions Last with Learn360

Make New Year’s Resolutions Last with Learn360

Elementary student making her list of New Year's resolutions

At the beginning of a new year, people often set ambitious resolutions for the coming year. For many, those bold goals do not make it past the first week in January. Instead of setting overzealous goals for 2024, consider setting your students up for success with smaller one-month resolutions for the remaining school year.

Infobase’s Learn360 has all the multimedia resources to propel your students toward successful New Year’s resolutions. With K–12 content across all subjects, Learn360 provides supplementary resources to support your endeavors and your students’ in 2024. Hold yourself and your students accountable this year with these monthly resolutions.

January: Commit to Healthy Living

After all the celebrations of the holiday season, January is the perfect month to commit to healthy living routines. Throughout the month of January, integrate instruction on healthy eating, strong immune systems, and the benefits of exercise. Consider viewing BBC Worldwide Learning’s Healthy Eating (Item #215480, 2020). Discuss the effects of sleep on learning. With the Dynamic Learning series, you and your students will learn the Power of Habits (Item #291236, 2023, ShortCutsTV) and the connection between Sleep and Memory (Item #291237, 2023, ShortCuts TV). Finally, get your students moving with a modern twist on a classic. Join Snoop Dogg’s Doggyland and dance along with Head Shoulders Knees and Toes: Groove Edition (Item #287626, 2023).

"Head Shoulders Knees and Toes: Groove Edition," available on Learn360

February: Commit to Reading More

Reading is the antidote to the winter blues. In February, commit to spending more time cozied up on the couch reading. With Learn360, you have access to free printables from The Mailbox®. Download the Home Reading Record (Item #211087) and challenge your students to track their reading throughout the month. Consider choosing a novel and reading together as a class. We recommend reading Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith to get in the Valentine spirit and pairing it with The Mailbox’s Chocolate Fever (Item #210957), which is filled with engaging ideas and activities.

"Chocolate Fever," available on Learn360

March: Commit to Learning from Mistakes

By March, we’re a few months into 2024, and we are sure to have made a few mistakes. Commit to accepting and learning from your mistakes in 2024. March is the ideal month to teach your students about the importance of mistakes. Remind your students that A Mistake Is a Gift (Item #282893, 2022, Makematic). Throughout history (and Learn360), you will find examples of famous people who made mistakes and learned from them. Teach your students the meaning of grit with the story of Ronnie and His Grit (Item #279720, 2021, Vooks). Consider making “grit” a “nudge word” for the year. Whenever a student is getting discouraged, pause and view Grit (Item #277152, 2021, Makematic), and reinspire your class toward their goals.

"Ronnie and His Grit," available via Learn360

April: Commit to Serving Your Community

In April, take a moment to express gratitude for your class and your school community. Through mistakes and challenges, you have hopefully grown stronger together. Take the time in April to commit to serving your community with a project of gratitude. With resources to support recycling, tutoring, and even cooking, there are many ways your class can support their community. Take advantage of the spring temperatures and consider setting up a class garden. Get your students excited with PBS’s Cyberchase episode A Garden Is Born (Item #283411, 2022). Remind your students that gardening takes teamwork with Teamwork (Item #291640, 2023, Wonderscape®). Then, start planning out your garden with The Mailbox’s Investigating Plants (Item #211458). In no time at all, your students will have a newfound appreciation for their environment, food, and community. 

"My Well-Being: Teamwork," available via Learn360

May: Commit to Creating Every Day

By May, the countdown has begun. Summer is in reach, and your students are getting antsy. Channel this energy into creativity. Leverage Learn360 resources to spark your students’ imaginations. Check out Makematic’s Create to Learn series and inspire your students with Team Doodle (Item #282892, 2022) Explore AI Art (Item #290371, 2023, NewsHour Productions) and spark your students’ curiosity. Then, pair art with writing prompts and inspire your students to write every day with The Mailbox’s Writing Imaginative Narratives (Item #211180 and 211183).

"Team Doodle," available via Learn360

June: Commit to Exploring the World

Whether you are still in school or already on summer break, make June a month of exploration. With Learn360, you can travel the country and the world without leaving the comfort of your home and classroom. Check out Makematic’s Across the U.S. State by State series; begin in your home state and map out a route across the country. From Let’s Go to New York (Item #286945, 2023) to Let’s Go to California (Item #286947, 2023), your class can devise the perfect road trip adventure. Go even further with Makematic’s Let’s Go series and take your class from India (Item #286927, 2023) to Iceland (Item #286935, 2023) and around the globe.

Here at Infobase, we believe that, with teamwork and the right resources, we can all achieve our 2024 goals. Explore Learn360‘s multimedia resources for all the supplementary resources to support your classroom learners and help them fulfill their dreams!

"Let's Go to Iceland," available via Learn360

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