Get Body, Mind & Wallet in Shape with Access Video On Demand

Get Body, Mind & Wallet in Shape with Access Video On Demand

2024 goals on sticky notes, representing New Year's resolutions

With January comes New Year’s resolutions, the little promises we make (and often break!) to improve ourselves throughout the upcoming year. If your patrons need advice on how to build positive habits and take better physical, mental, and financial care of themselves, Access Video On Demand for public libraries has the videos that will motivate them to tackle those resolutions head-on. With Access Video On Demand, your patrons can access this must-have video resource from anywhere, 24/7, with just a library card—no need to bring yoga mats and sweatpants to the library!

Check out some of our videos for New Year’s resolutions below. Because January is also Financial Wellness Month, we’re including videos on how to keep your budget and bank account healthy, too. Subscribers can find these videos and more in the New Year, New You slider right on the homepage.

The Psychology of Getting Fit

Seven Dimensions, 2022, Item #284190

Being fit is not only about physical health. The mind and the body are connected, and getting physically fit helps us stay mentally fit, too. The Psychology of Getting Fit is a course designed to help you adopt a positive mindset for personal fitness. In this course, psychologist Peter Quarry explains how the psychology of getting fit is about focus, realism, exploration, and commitment. 

"The Psychology of Getting Fit," available on Access Video On Demand

The Truth About Improving Your Mental Health

BBC, 2021, Item #241077

Clinical psychologist Professor Tanya Byron teams up with former England footballer Alex Scott, who has suffered from depression, to discover how the latest science can help us gain greater control over our state of mind and improve our mental health and wellbeing. 

Is Mindfulness Right for You? 

Filmhub, 2021, Item #286326

This insightful and informative documentary explores the popular world of mindfulness from the perspective of four people who study and teach it.

"Is Mindfulness Right for You?" available on Access Video On Demand

Denise Austin: 21 Day Jump Start Series

BayView Entertainment, 2019, Item #210212; available in the U.S. and Canada

Improve your cardiovascular health with instructor Denise Austin. Focusing on fat burning, firming, and flexibility, achieve a learner and healthier body in three weeks.

Stop 4 Time Wasters 

Seven Dimensions, 2020, Item #239638; also available in Spanish (Item #288074)

We all feel overloaded on occasion, but this doesn’t mean we can’t be more efficient in our use of time. This video helps learners identify strategies to overcome their time-wasting habits. Stop 4 Time Wasters is a useful video for anyone feeling stressed and overloaded and wanting to use their time more effectively. Find out whether you are a procrastinator, an equalizer, a meeting zombie, and/or a socializer. 

"Stop 4 Time Wasters," available on Access Video On Demand

Learn with Verne: Keto Diet in 30 Minutes

MVD, 2020, Item #215628

The Keto diet is one of the hottest new eating plans. This crash course looks at what to eat, what to avoid, and how Keto can be the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle.

Know Your Finances Series

ClickView, 2017, Item #161136; available in the U.S. and Canada

This engaging series uses a humorous approach to introduce a serious topic. Students will learn about financial institutions, savings, investments, loans, and interest.

"Introducing the Financial Industry," available on Access Video On Demand

4 Steps to Managing Money Better

Seven Dimensions, 2022, Item #284184

We face multiple, often competing pressures on our finances. Bills can pile up, your credit card might be maxed out, or you’ve had unexpected expenses—repairs, medical or family expenses. This course shows four steps to take control of your money. In this course, psychologist Peter Quarry says live within your means to reach your financial goals and offers four useful steps for better money management.

Budgeting 101

True to Life Productions, 2018, Item #166254

Stay out of debt. Save for the future. Plan your big purchases. Live within your means. All great ideas, but how do you do it in reality? After all, you have monthly expenses, semi and annual expenses, and unforeseen expenses along the way. How do you plan all of this within a fixed monthly income? The answer is the budget. This film looks at how to make and maintain a simple budget and plan for most of your expenses so that you can avoid those unpleasant financial surprises at the end of the month.

Two Cents Series

Knowledgemotion, 2018, Item #205442

This series is an educational show covering all things personal finance to help everyone make better money decisions. With episodes on everything from budgeting, to investing, financial scams, and home ownership, CFP® Philip Olson is full of tips and tricks for nailing your personal finance goals. 

"5 Ways People Are Dumb about Money," available on Access Video On Demand

Your Financial Future

True to Life Productions, 2018, Item #166259

You’ve learned about how to get out of debt, how to manage your budget, use credit cards responsibly, and how to gain control of your desire to spend. What’s next, you may ask? Is there something more to your financial future? This film presents you with a choice: do you want to continue to live in chaos, or will you choose financial peace?

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