Lesson Planning to Taylor Swift? Learn360 Is Here for It

Lesson Planning to Taylor Swift? Learn360 Is Here for It

Taylor Swift

With the imminent release of Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album, Midnights, we reflect back on the iconic singer’s most relatable lyrics to educators. Whether this is your first year in the classroom or you’ve been teaching since 1989, these lyrics and Learn360 content are for you. From social and emotional learning to holiday cheer, Learn360 has all the multimedia content to complement whichever Taylor Swift era your class is currently feeling.

“You Need to Calm Down” 

As teachers, we each have reached this point, often at the end of a school day when we just need a minute to breathe. With a new social and emotional learning focus aligned to CASEL, Learn360 has all the instructional content to explore all the emotions in your class’s repertoire. From mindfulness to anger management, Learn360 will support your students in navigating all the emotions in the classroom. Explore the Crayola: Social-Emotional Learning series and learn how Everyone Has Feelings (Item #275052).

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“This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”

From missing glue caps to broken iPads, inevitably the moment arrives when your students learn that rules and procedures are a necessary part of classroom experience. With Learn360, educators have access to The Mailbox® Plus printables. From classroom management to parent-teacher conferences, The Mailbox® Plus provides teachers with the printed resources they can use to establish expectations around all of their favorite classroom supplies—glitter pens and all. We recommend setting your students up for success with Problem Solved! (Item #211854)

Problem Solved! on Learn360

“Only the Young”

Elections are quickly approaching, and Learn360 has all of the resources to inspire and engage your students in becoming 21st-century learners and leaders. With Learn360, students can tackle every topic from water scarcity (Social Studies Kids: Water Scarcity – Facing the Challenge, Item #279978) to social media (Social Emotional Learning: My Well-Being – Managing the Negative Effects of Social Media, Item #280006). Check out Wonderscape’s newest titles to learn about everything from climate change (Science Kids: Oceans of the World – Currents, The Gulf Stream and Climate Change, Item #280000) to crypto currency and NFTs (Money Kids: Cryptocurrency and NFTs – What I Need to Know, Item #280004). Plus, with our premium feature, Streamable Learning virtual field trips, students can connect with experts live and have their voices heard!

"Managing the Negative Effects of Social Media" on Learn360

“Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)”

As educators, we strive to prepare our students to achieve their dreams. Whether your students dream about becoming astronauts or ballerinas, Makematic has all of the biographies and career content to inspire them in their journey. Dive into Makematic’s Career Insights series and explore the career paths of a UX product designer (Item #195509) and a graphic designer (Item #195522).

David Pugh: Graphic Designer on Learn360

“Never Grow Up”

Remember the excitement of coming to school in your pajamas? Cherish this time with your students and embrace all the joy and nostalgia of being a kid with Learn360’s holiday content and animated storybooks. From classic read alouds to engaging PBS Kids episodes, Learn360 has all of the content to celebrate being a little kid. 

“Love Story (Taylor’s Version)”

Just like the original 2009 award-winning Taylor Swift video, Learn360 has been winning awards for years, evolving and getting more popular by the minute. With innovative partnerships, Learn360 knows how to make classic content new again. Consider reinventing Romeo and Juliet through coding in Streamable Learning’s CodeJoy Presents Robot Shakespeare with micro:bit (Item #278462). With timeless content, Learn360 never goes out of style.

Don’t lose any more sleep this school year lesson planning until midnight. With Learn360, you can create engaging lessons combining videos, printables, and interactives to inspire your students. 

CodeJoy Presents Robot Shakespeare with micro:bit from Streamable Learning on Learn360

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