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AI Tutorials Now Available from Our Information Literacy Resources

Infobase customers are a varied group: students and patrons at academic, public, and school libraries; librarians at all those institutions; and teachers and other faculty. Listening to all those stakeholders… read more →

Support Health Literacy with These Trusted Resources

One aspect of information literacy that deserves special attention is personal health literacy, defined by the CDC as “the degree to which individuals have the ability to find, understand, and… read more →

Teach Elementary Students about “Technology & You”

Children are introduced to new technologies—especially digital devices, like phones and tablets—at younger and younger ages. One study found that, of a group of parents with a child under 12,… read more →

Help Students Master Math with Infobase

We rely on technologies of all sorts every day, whether it’s turning on a light switch, taking life-saving medicine, or making phone calls on computers small enough to fit in… read more →

Explore Space with Infobase

“Tranquility Base, here. The Eagle has landed.”  On July 20, 1969, the first crewed mission to the moon landed in the moon’s Sea of Tranquility. In the United States, we… read more →

Support Your History Instruction with Curated Multimedia Content

It has been said that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. This is one of the many reasons history instruction is so crucial for a functioning society…. read more →

This Juneteenth, Learn About African-American History with These Videos

On Juneteenth, we remember and celebrate the emancipation of African Americans from slavery. Juneteenth is often referred to as America’s second Independence Day, as it commemorates the issuance of General… read more →

Get Ready to Graduate: Inspire Students with Learn360

Graduation is a pivotal moment in one’s life—a bridge between the familiar comforts of adolescence and the thrilling uncertainties of adulthood. As middle and high school graduates embark on this… read more →

Appreciate Teachers All Year-Round with The Mailbox® Plus

Do you remember an inspirational teacher? It’s a rare person who can’t recall several educators who impacted their lives positively. Teachers do so much for us, and it’s well past… read more →

Promote Mental Health Awareness with These Video Resources

While there’s a great deal of talk about the importance of maintaining one’s physical health, mental health tends to get overlooked or even downplayed. Yet, the two are heavily interlinked…. read more →

Complement Your Summer Reading Programs with Video and More

Summer reading season is coming up! Librarians know that a great way to promote the library’s resources, encourage young patrons to read more, and help prevent the dreaded “summer slide”… read more →

3 Tips to Fight the “Summer Slide”

You’ve heard about it, you’ve likely witnessed it in students, and you more than likely experienced it when you were young and still in school. As much as students (and… read more →