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Afghanistan War: A Featured Controversy from Issues & Controversies

Featured in Issues & Controversies: AFGHANISTAN WAR: Was the United States Right to Have Withdrawn from Afghanistan? Was withdrawing from Afghanistan the right thing for the U.S. to do? Be… read more →

Help STEM Students Learn More About Science Careers with “Conversations with Scientists”

Who are the people behind the biggest breakthroughs and discoveries in science today? What inspired them to take the actions they did to get to where they are? Young people… read more →

Credo Social Media Posts for September 2021

At Credo we understand the need for libraries to write interesting social media content to engage your users and raise awareness of valuable resources and services. That’s why we’ve created… read more →

Taking Advantage of Virtual Conferences for Librarians

During the pandemic, most conferences were conducted virtually. This led to more librarians having access to professional development that they usually would not have been able to attend. For many… read more →

New Citation and Translation Options Added to Polling the Nations and Today’s Science

Polling the Nations, the critically acclaimed online database of public opinion polls, and Today’s Science, the essential STEM resource, have both just been updated with a new citation option, Google… read more →

Level Up Your Library: Leveraging Social Media to Build a Strong Digital Community Presence

Libraries (via their awesome library workers) are leaders in developing a strong sense of community. Which makes sense, because we’ve had thousands of years to learn how to best connect… read more →

Not Back to School: 5 Ways Libraries Can Help Homeschooling Families

As summer comes to an end, families prepare for their children to begin a new year of school learning. But what does this mean for homeschooling families? How can libraries… read more →

How to Upskill Yourself Toward Professional Advancement

It’s called a “comfort zone” for a reason. Everyday tasks and familiar skills are comfortable. By implication, learning is difficult. You have to adapt to new practices and learn new… read more →

Learn How One College Is Building Smart Researchers with Credo Reference

Champlain College Saint-Lambert in Quebec is a longtime subscriber of Credo Reference and a Cégep. In Infobase’s latest case study, Nicole Haché, Librarian at Champlain’s George Wallace Library, shares her… read more →

Improved Playlist Interface and More Added to Learn360

We are pleased to announce that exciting enhancements have been added to Learn360! The ultimate streaming media platform now boasts easier playlist creation, faster access to relevant content with improved… read more →

How to Foster a Culture of Learning in the Digital Workplace

In today’s digital society, a business can work more effectively than ever. Where we once had to spend valuable time finding files or data, we can now locate information at… read more →

Onboarding and Academic Libraries

As an academic health science librarian who started a new job during the pandemic, I realize the importance of onboarding. As I once wrote, “Onboarding is a continuous process of… read more →