The World Almanac® for Kids: New Module—Native American Life

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The World Almanac® for Kids: New Module—Native American Life

The World Almanac® for Kids database now has a brand-new module: Native American Life. This module covers all aspects of the history and culture of the native populations who inhabited North and much of South America before the arrival of the Europeans, giving background and cultural integrity to the peoples who lived there. The content focuses on the often overlooked story of the Native Americans who inhabited these lands as well as their society, diverse cultures, and contributions, particularly in regions such as the Northeast, Southwest, Northwest, and Canada.

The module is divided into 12 book-length sections, each with a timeline and glossary as well as full-color images and illustrations. Fun Facts articles, videos, and bullet biographies of key people round out the module.

Topics covered in this module include:

  • Europeans and Native Americans: Chapters include First Contact with Native Americans, Cortés Conquers the Aztecs, The Fall of the Inca Empire, From Plymouth Rock to the Great Lakes, and more.
  • Homes of the Native Americans: Chapters include The First Native American Homes, Dwellings of the Northeast, Homes in the Southeast, Living Quarters in the Far North, and more.
  • Hunting with the Native Americans: Chapters include Teamwork among Native Americans, Hunting in the Great Plains and Southwest, Hunting in the Northwest and Far North, and more.
  • Native American Confederacies: Chapters include Native Confederacies of the Northeast, The Blackfoot Confederacy, Modern Confederacies and Pan-Tribal Organizations, and more.
  • Native American Cooking: Chapters include Native American Cookery, Native Cooking in the Northeastern United States and Canada, Native Cooking in the Southwest and West, Native Cooking in the Far North, and more.
  • Native American Family Life: Chapters include Native American Families, The Iroquois Family of Nations, Life on the Great Plains and American West, Family Ties in Maya and Inca Society, and more.
  • Native American Festivals & Ceremonies: Chapters include Native American Festivals, Native Festivals of the Southeast, Ceremonies of the Southwest and West, and more.
  • Native American Horsemanship: Chapters include The Village of Horses, The Horse on the North American Plains, The Decline of the Native American Horse Culture, and more.
  • Native American Medicine: Chapters include The Native American Concept of Medicine; Shamans, Medicine Men and Other Healers; Using the Earth’s Gifts; Other Native American Healing Methods; and more.
  • Native American Sports & Games: Chapters include Games of the Northeast, Games of the Northwest and Far North, Games of the Southwest, and more.
  • Native American Tools & Weapons: Chapters include A Nootka Whale Hunt, Tools and Weapons of the Southeast, Tools and Weapons of the Northwest, and more.
  • What the Native Americans Wore: Chapters include Functional Fashion, Clothing of the Great Lakes and Northeast Regions, Clothing of the Maya and Aztec Peoples, and more.

Native American Life joins Latino-American History in the U.S., History of Fashion, Sound and Light, and dozens of other modules in The World Almanac® for Kids, all organized under a range of topic areas that make it easy to find related content.

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