Issues & Controversies‘ Featured Controversy—Women’s Rights

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Issues & Controversies‘ Featured Controversy—Women’s Rights

Women’s Rights: Is Further Work Required to Ensure Women’s Rights?

SUPPORTERS ARGUE: Further Measures Are Necessary to Protect Women’s Rights
More work must be done to ensure equal rights for women in American society. They continue to be discriminated against in the workplace and earn less money than men for the same work. Women remain vastly underrepresented in politics and electoral offices. They also experience high rates of domestic and sexual violence. Attempts to limit women’s access to contraception, reproductive health information, and abortion services constitute attacks on women’s health and their ability to freely make their own decisions about their lives and bodies.

OPPONENTS ARGUE: Further Measures Are Unnecessary to Protect Women’s Rights
Women have made great strides in American society over the past several decades and have, in many ways, surpassed men. Record numbers of women now run for office and serve in government. Women currently dominate men in educational attainment and outpace them as earners in many industries. Reproductive rights issues are neither pro- nor anti-woman, as many women oppose abortion and unlimited access to contraceptives. Sexual harassment is nearly impossible to define, and legislating against it creates gender differences where none need exist.

Let your students review the facts and decide for themselves: Is further work required to ensure women’s rights? Be sure to check out Issues & Controversies’ complete and unbiased coverage of this timely issue.

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