Issues & Controversies: Featured Controversy—Protectionism

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Issues & Controversies: Featured Controversy—Protectionism

Featured in Issues & Controversies:
PROTECTIONISM: Should the United States Adopt Protectionist Trade Policies?

Free trade policies are unfair to American workers. Other countries impose tariffs and protectionist measures to shield their industries, and the United States should do the same. The government must adopt policies to protect U.S. manufacturing from unfair foreign competition.

Imposing tariffs and protectionist measures will impede trade between nations and spark retaliatory tariffs from other countries. Such policies could trigger a global trade war, which would raise prices and slow U.S. economic growth. Free trade keeps prices of many consumer goods low.

Let your students review the facts and decide for themselves: Should the United States adopt protectionist trade policies? Be sure to check out Issues & Controversies’ complete and unbiased coverage of this timely issue. Enhance the debate with the discussion questions, “By the Numbers” data, primary sources, Intelligence Squared U.S. debate videos, infographics, editorials, and newsfeed that are linked to the article.

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