History Research Center: Exciting New Content Added

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History Research Center: Exciting New Content Added

We are delighted to announce our latest update to our five Infobase history databases (History Research Center)—valuable new entries, articles, and videos.

More Than 3,300 New and Updated Entries and More Than 770 New Videos (9,500+ Clips)

History Research Center now features a wealth of new content on both timely and evergreen subjects from critically acclaimed Facts On File, Chelsea House, and Wiley-Blackwell series, along with videos from some of the most recognized and trusted film producers in the world. The new scholarly articles and video titles cover topics from immigration, the Civil War and Reconstruction, and Latin American history to Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Roman Republic, the medieval world, and many more. The updated content on American presidents, first ladies, vice presidents, and Supreme Court justices is ideal for providing background and context to support election-year studies!

New entries include:

  • Immigration and Race Relations in America
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt: The 1936–1944 Campaigns
  • Political History of the Ancient World
  • The Idea of a “Middle Ages”
  • Syrian Civil War.

New videos include:

  • The Constitution and Foundations of Government
  • What Kennedy Didn’t Know: The Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited
  • Inside the Medieval Mind
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Delivers His “I Have a Dream” Speech ca. 1963
  • The Explorers: Five Europeans Who Redrew the Map of the World.

History Research Center includes five history databases, all fully cross-searchable and seamlessly integrated for a complete, single history resource. The databases included with History Research Center are American History Online, African-American History Online, American Indian History Online, Ancient & Medieval History Online, and Modern World History Online.