The Benefits of Studying as a Group

The Benefits of Studying as a Group

As a student, you know already that studying is vital to your success. Of course, you could choose to study on your own, or you could join a study group. In this article, I will discuss five benefits that group study can provide you.

Group Study Can Eliminate Procrastination

Procrastinating, delaying, and putting off studying is an easy trap to fall into when you are studying alone. When there is no one there to keep you focused on your studies, it is easy to become distracted. Students who choose to study in a group are far less likely to become victims of procrastination. Students who surround themselves with other motivated and serious students are at an advantage and are more likely to make good progress on tasks and assignments. Naturally, there will always be students who are more organized and have better time-management skills than others. Therefore, being part of a study group can improve time management for those that aren’t quite as good at sticking to a timetable. But possibly one of the most significant advantages is that you keep each other motivated and thus prevent procrastination and time wasting.

Gain a Better Understanding

Learning is a different experience for every student because every student will have their own perspective on the subject, which is excellent for group learning. It brings different angles and opinions to the table and bolsters creative and analytical thinking. In some instances, students can better explain the material being studied to their fellow students, which can make a study group invaluable if you are finding a subject hard to grasp. And those who have grasped the topic are reviewing and refining their own understanding by explaining it to fellow students.

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Share Ideas and Thoughts

Students that study in a group can learn more effectively and have more opportunities to ask questions, which cuts down on the amount of time they spend puzzling over the issues they have come up against. Plus, solo studying brings just one perspective to your studies—yours! While you may not feel this is an issue, getting fresh perspectives by sharing ideas and thoughts can help you learn more thoroughly. For example, if you study for the USMLE Step 2 exam, combining ideas and perspectives can be invaluable to your studies.

Learn from Your Peers

But above all, you learn and retain more if you are part of a study group! This is because you will share ideas, have debates, analyze information, and discuss things as a group, learning from each other. It gives you the chance to dig deep into the topic you are learning, helping you fill in gaps in your understanding of the subject. So no matter what hurdle you’re facing, there is a strong chance someone in your study group will be able to explain things better to you and help you overcome the hurdle.

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