Embracing New Year’s Resolutions with Learn360

Embracing New Year’s Resolutions with Learn360

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Happy New Year from Learn360! The new year is a wonderful time to reset your classroom expectations, reflect on individual growth, and establish resolutions for the coming year. Learn360 and Makematic’s Crayola: Create to Learn™ series will help inspire your yearly goals. In 2023, we are taking out our crayons and growing together with these five resolutions!

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1. Try New Things

As we reflect on 2022, we are so grateful for all of the opportunities that we have to try new things. From Improv Art (Makematic, 2022, Item #282905) to the Emotions Alive Game (Makematic, 2022, Item #282923), a new year brings new opportunities. Embrace the novelty with Crayola’s Change Creates New Possibilities (Makematic, 2022, Item #282920). This year, Picture Possibilities (Makematic, 2022, Item #282902).

Change Creates New Possibilities from Learn360

2. Learn from Our Mistakes

Did your classroom plants all accidentally die over break? Did your erosion project grow mold? In a given school day, it seems that there are a million ways the day can go awry. This year, lean into the unpredictability of the classroom and embrace how A Mistake Is a Gift (Makematic, 2022, Item #282893). Whether you’re navigating Courageous Conversations (Makematic, 2022, Item #282907) or designing your next Team Doodle (Makematic, 2022, Item #282892), lean into the opportunity to make mistakes and grow as a community. 

3. Advocate for Yourself and Others

This year, be inspired by Advocacy Avatars (Makematic, 2022, Item #282913) and advocate for yourself and others. 2023 is the year to be your most confident self. With Crayola, you can develop Four Ways to Be a Leader (Makematic, 2022, Item #282934) and make a difference in your community. Grab your crayons and reflect on your community’s needs. With Learn360, you are sure to Find Your Superpowers (Makematic, 2022, Item #282914) and discover Ways I Make a Difference (Makematic, 2022, Item #282894). 

4. Collaborate Together

Our communities are filled with Everyday Unsung Heroes (Makematic, 2022, Item #282922) In 2023, make a point to celebrate all the ways We All Contribute (Makematic, 2022, Item #282928) and Find Everyone’s Strengths (Makematic, 2022, Item #282938). Our communities are stronger together. Embrace all the diverse perspectives within your community. Spark meaningful conversation with The Way We See Things (Makematic, 2022, Item #282915) and Listen to All Sides (Makematic, 2022, Item #282929). Check out Same Plan, Different Results (Makematic, 2022, Item #282931). You may discover that 2023 is filled with surprises!

5. Dream Big!

Resolutions are all about envisioning the future and embracing opportunities. Going into a new year,  Reflect on Today’s Stories (Makematic, 2022, Item #282912) and open your imagination. With crayons and creativity, you and your students can become Architects of the Future (Makematic, 2022, Item #282900) and start Forecasting the Future (Makematic, 2022, Item #282904). Dream big, and inspire others with your 2023 manifestations!

Whether this is your first year in the classroom or your thirty-first, Learn360 is here to help you stick to all of your New Year’s resolutions. 

Forecasting the Future from Learn360

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