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Take a Look at the Redesigned Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center!

The 2020 career landscape is changing fast, with new opportunities, new challenges, and new expectations. With that in mind, Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center has been completely reimagined to meet the needs… read more →

It’s Here! In-Depth Guidance for Conducting Online Information Literacy Classes

In 2018, Credo released our IL Strategy Handbook. It was written (by me!) to help Credo’s customers and other librarians to begin or improve an information literacy program at a… read more →

Do’s and Don’ts of Virtual Interviewing

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies have switched to virtual interviewing. And to ace your virtual interviews, you need to know what to do as well as what not… read more →

Thinking about Racial Equity in Libraries

Recently we’ve been seeing more conversations on racial equity/inequity in the workplace, including our associations such as the American Library Association. The increase of police brutality against Black people and… read more →

Not So Fast: Busting Some Popular Myths around Social-Emotional Learning

Several months ago—back when our pre-pandemic world was generally open for business—I delivered a presentation about social-emotional learning at a statewide conference during which I spoke about how Infobase’s products… read more →

Confederate Monuments: A Featured Controversy from Issues & Controversies

Featured in Issues & Controversies: CONFEDERATE MONUMENTS: Should Confederate Monuments Be Displayed? SUPPORTERS ARGUE Confederate monuments are symbols of southern pride and heritage, honoring the valor and courage of Confederate… read more →

Why It Is Challenging to Teach News Literacy in Today’s World, and How to Do So Effectively Anyway

There are many “unprecedented” things about the world today, and teaching news literacy in our current information environment is certainly one of them. Never before have there been so many… read more →

Teaching Instructors How to Create Accessible Courses

Creating digital learning materials that are fully accessible to all students can be a challenge at any time, and the conditions felt globally over the past months have not made… read more →

New Rules for the First-Year Experience During a Pandemic: Changes on Campus

Summer is coming to an end. Many incoming college students are longing for the day they can move into campus housing, attend athletics events, study, and spend time with friends… read more →

Teaching Remotely? Exploring Creative Ways and Resources to Support Online Learning

Thinking of new online activities to engage with your learners? We’ve explored digital escape rooms, online Wikipedia-Edit-A-Thons, and documenting COVID-19 stories. Many libraries have created video tutorials in their library/content… read more →

Trending Professional Development Topics in Our New Reality for Public Libraries

As we continue to grapple with the trials of social distancing and the realities of a COVID-19 world, many public library patrons (and librarians alike!) are taking this opportunity to… read more →

Gamification: How Online Educational Games Keep Students Engaged in Virtual Learning

Like many of your kids, my children stopped “going to school” in mid-March and effectively began attending all of their classes online for the remainder of the 2019–2020 school year…. read more →