Thank You! Who Are We Missing? Diversity Audits to Assess Academic Library Collections Workshop: 2-Part Webinar Series

Session One: The Diversity Audit: Planning & Processes

In this first session, we will provide an overview of diversity audit processes, including:

  • How and why libraries choose to undertake collection diversity audits;
  • How libraries can adapt diversity audits to fit their unique collections;
  • How to avoid potential challenges and pitfalls while conducting an audit;
  • and much more!

Download the slides for Session One.

In this second session, we strive to answer the question, “So, you’ve done an audit and gathered data… now what?” Topics include:

  • How to create new policies or strategic priorities using the data gathered by a collection audit
  • How to integrate ongoing assessment into collection development practices
  • How to share your results with stakeholders, regardless of the audit’s outcomes
  • and much more!

Download the slides for Session Two.

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Enjoy the Workshop!