Science Online: New and Updated Biographies

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Science Online: New and Updated Biographies

More than 160 new articles have been added to Science Online, including 105 biographical entries on current or important scientists, many of whom are Nobel Prize winners. These biographies include:

  • Biologists: Jennifer Doudna, Kevin Esvelt, Satoshi Omura, Pamela Silver, and Youyou Tu
  • Chemists: Bernard L. Feringa, Richard Henderson, Tomas Lindahl, Aziz Sancar, and Ada E. Yonath
  • STS Scientists: Karen Barad, Ulrike Felt, Wiebe Bijker, and Sheila Jasanoff
  • Earth Scientists: James Hutton, David Keeling, William H. Smith, and Rob Van der Voo
  • Space & Astronomy: Katherine G. Johnson and Eugene Parker
  • Physicists: Willard Boyle, Andre Geim, Peter W. Higgs, J. Michael Kosterlitz, Saul Perlmutter, and George Smith
  • Weather & Climate: Heidi Cullen, Tetsuya Fujita, Shen Kuo, Michael Mann, Alan Plumb, Cynthia Rosenzweig, and John Tyndall.

With a wealth of content and a dynamic design that facilitates STEM research and learning, Science Online offers a comprehensive overview of a broad range of scientific disciplines. This award-winning database is continuously updated and enhanced, increasing the educational value of this resource.

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