Health Reference Center: New Video Series—Teens’ Healthy Choices

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Health Reference Center: New Video Series—Teens’ Healthy Choices

A brand-new, proprietary video series on teen health has just been added to Health Reference Center. In the Teens’ Healthy Choices series, teens speak to teens about health issues, substance abuse, social pressure, and more, providing the facts and insight teens need to make informed decisions.

Teenagers face many tough choices. They choose what classes to take, what friends to hang out with, what extracurricular activities to pursue, and even what sort of lifestyle they want to live, affecting every part of their lives. Often peer pressure and family expectations influence what options they see and how they view them. The most helpful thing for making any choice, though, is good information. Prepared with the facts and insights provided in this video series, teens can decide what is really right for them and what’s best for their health and well-being.

The nine videos (with more coming soon!) are hosted by a teen narrator and feature teens discussing situations based on real-life occurrences and current events. Each video is timely, research based, and directly supports the content of Health Reference Center. The videos present information in an engaging context that acknowledges teens are going to make choices about these topics—and that the more information they have, the better choices they can make.

The new videos include:

  • Alcohol’s Strain on Your Brain
  • Avoid the Pain of Opioid Abuse
  • Fentanyl: A High-Risk High
  • How Technology Messes with Your Sleep
  • Smokeless Tobacco: The Truth about Chew
  • Steroids and PEDs: A Losing Formula
  • Study Drugs: Brain Boost or Epic Fail?
  • The Real Costs of Vaping
  • Weeding through the Facts on Weed

Users can find these videos in the “Teens’ Healthy Choices Videos” slider at the top of the home page. They can also be found from the Browse Resources menu on the right rail, from the Browse drop-down menu, and by clicking “View All” above the “Teens’ Healthy Choices Videos” slider.

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