How Do You Get to Sesame Street™? Via Learn360 and Just for Kids!

How Do You Get to Sesame Street™? Via Learn360 and Just for Kids!

The beloved cast of Sesame Street, including Big Bird and Elmo

“Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street™?” For many of us, it seems like there was never a time that existed before the beloved educational children’s show Sesame Street went on the air. It has become such an institution that parents who were raised on Sesame Street will watch it with their children and talk about what they remember about the show when they were young. Yet, the show did, in fact, debut on November 10, 1969, and it has been teaching and entertaining children (and parents!) all around the world ever since. 

Learn360, the ultimate streaming media resource for K–12 schools, and the Just for Kids Streaming Collection for public libraries each feature more than 150 Sesame Street videos! Grounded in research and best practices in early childhood education, these short videos cover critical skills in emotional well-being (including self-regulation and executive function), math, science, and language and literacy. Join Big Bird, Rosita, Cookie Monster, and all your Sesame friends for joyful shared learning on the Street. From instructional videos to songs and animations…it’s Sesame time! 

Here are just some of the Sesame Street videos you can find in Learn360 and Just for Kids: 

  • Science Word: Texture (Item #132937): Abby and Josh explain the word “texture” by observing how different fabrics look and feel.

"Science Word: Texture," available from Just for Kids

  • Belly Breathe (Item #128406): Elmo and his friends are learning to control their emotions.
  • Letter J Robot (Item #128385): A friendly robot explores words that start with the /j/ sound using uppercase letters.
  • Letter N in Nature (Item #128386): Fireflies form the uppercase N and find things in nature that start with the letter N.
  • Number 3 with The Harlem Globetrotters (Item #132970): The Harlem Globetrotters help Elmo demonstrate the number three.

"Number 3 with The Harlem Globetrotters," available from Learn360

  • Elmo the Author (Item #132916): Elmo reads the book he wrote and illustrated to his friend, Doug E. Doug.
  • A Cookie Is a Sometime Food (Item #132957): Hoots the Owl sings to Cookie Monster about healthy eating and the difference between sometime and anytime foods.
  • The Three Little Pigs Experiment (Item #133018): The three little pigs conduct an experiment to see which building material can protect them from the Big Bad Wolf’s huffing and puffing.

"The Three Little Pigs Experiment," available from Learn360

  • Different Feelings (Item #128401): Children show what different emotions look like.
  • Big Bird Rhymes (Item #132923): Big Bird thinks of words that rhyme with “beep.”
  • Weather Monster Grover (Item #133030): Grover reports the weather as it changes from sunny and hot to cloudy, rainy, snowy, and windy.

"Weather Monster Grover," available from Just for Kids

  • Guess the Season (Item #133028): Abby, Zoe, and Rosita play a guessing game with clues to identify the season.

What Is Learn360?

The ultimate streaming multimedia resource for the K–12 educational market, Learn360 is an easy-to-use media library that is correlated to standards, organized for educators, and full of K–12 content from the industry’s top producers. Learn360 gives teachers, students, and parents access to more than 191,500 media resources—videos, interactives, printables, audio content, and more—on any Internet-enabled device, anytime, anywhere.

What Is Just for Kids?

Just for Kids for public libraries has the educational videos children want to watch—Sesame Street™, Doggyland, The Electric Company, Arthur, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, The Berenstain Bears, Franklin, and thousands more—plus songs, games, and other interactives that are sure to entertain, educate, and inspire young patrons. This collection gives children—and their parents—a thoroughly kid-safe, ad-free media platform they can freely explore and enjoy and is ideal for activities for preschoolers and early learners, an after-school or ESL/ELL program, homework help for students, or resources for homeschoolers that they can access anywhere, anytime. 

Take a FREE trial of Learn360 or Just for Kids today to get to Sesame Street!

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