Take Your Young Patrons to Doggyland with Just for Kids!

Take Your Young Patrons to Doggyland with Just for Kids!

Doggyland starring Snoop Dogg, available via Just for Kids

“Mom, what day is it?” During the summer months, the days of week can blend together in an endless adventure of summer sun. For a kid, it can be glorious, but for parents, it tends to be exhausting. You can help your patrons add some structure to their summer days by directing them to your library’s Just for Kids Streaming Collection subscription. Just for Kids gives children (and their parents!) a thoroughly kid-safe, advertisement-free media platform they can freely explore and enjoy and has the educational videos children want to watch—including its most recent addition, the popular series Doggyland! Read on to learn how this new series can help your community get through the dog days of summer (pun totally intended!).

Doggyland is an animated series created by Snoop Dogg, October London, and Claude Brooks, the Executive Producer of Hip Hop Harry. This engaging series is designed to support emotional well-being and promote diversity and inclusivity. 

Introduce your child to Bow Wizzle, voiced by Snoop Dogg and his feisty and friendly cast of friends as they navigate a wide range of engaging topics such as letters, numbers, colors, animals, good habits, hygiene, accepting other people, and more, along with modern remixes of classic nursery rhymes.

Create a summer routine with these five popular Doggyland songs.

1. Affirmation Song (Item #287615)

During the summer, every day seems to get better and better. It is important to remind children  that every day is an opportunity to improve. Invite your homeschooling patrons to start their summer days with positive energy and instill a growth mindset in their homes. Throughout this catchy affirmation song, Bow Wizzle reminds children that their feelings matter and that they can control their own happiness. Encourage patrons to embrace happiness with Bow Wizzle and start their family’s day with a smile!

"Affirmation Song" from Doggyland, available via Just for Kids

2. Let’s Talk About Money (Item #287630)

The summer is filled with opportunities for excursions and treats! Whether children are begging for ice cream cones or a trip to the amusement park, summer provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the value of money and prioritizing your needs and wants. Before pulling out their wallets, parents can have their children listen to Bow Wizzle’s upbeat advice and discuss spending and saving. Support your young patrons’  financial literacy and encourage counting and numeracy skills all summer long!

"Let's Talk About Money" from Doggyland, available via Just for Kids

3. Sharing Is Caring (Item #287638)

Whether children are spending the summer making new friends at summer camp or enjoying quality time with their family, some playtime squabbles are sure to pop up. Help develop children’s empathy and encourage them to consider others with this playful song. Before parents offer their children  crayons or candy, they can use this video to reinforce the importance of sharing with others. With adorable, relatable characters, Sharing Is Caring is sure to inspire even the most reluctant child to share with others!

"Sharing Is Caring" from Doggyland, available via Just for Kids

4. Clean Up Song (Item #287622)

As the lazy summer days pile up, so can the messes in children’s rooms. Parents have to set expectations early and reinforce the importance of maintaining a clean and organized environment. Suggest they designate a specific time of the day for cleaning and challenge their children to have the entire section or room cleaned by the time the Doggyland song ends. They can also turn cleaning into a game by identifying a mystery item that needs to be found and cleaned up. Then, they can celebrate a clean room by singing and dancing together! Parents can create some competition and joy with the upbeat tunes of Bow Wizzle. Before they know it, your patrons’ homes will be singing and sparkling.

"Clean Up Song" from Doggyland, available via Just for Kids

5. Are You Sleeping? (Item #287616)

The excitement of summer and all the accompanying activities can make it challenging for parents to maintain their children’s sleep schedules. Encourage them to integrate Doggyland’s lullaby into their summer routine and feel confident that their children are getting the sleep they need. Recommend they set timers and stay consistent. With calming lyrics, this lullaby will keep your young patron’s sleep routine calm and consistent all summer long!

Encourage patrons—parents and children alike—to lean into  the Doggyland series on Just for Kids and sing and dance to their new favorite hip-hop tunes. Parents can set clear and consistent summer routines with Doggyland’s upbeat lyrics and melodies and maintain structure all summer long! 

What Else Can You Find in Just for Kids?

Just for Kids has the educational videos children want to watch—Sesame Street, The Electric Company, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, The Berenstain Bears, Franklin, and thousands more—plus songs, games, and other interactives that are sure to entertain, educate, and inspire young patrons. 

The collection is ideal for activities for preschoolers and early learners, an after-school or ESL/ELL program, homework help for students, or resources for homeschoolers that they can access anywhere, anytime.

Try Just for Kids today!

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