D.C. Statehood: A Featured Controversy from Issues & Controversies

D.C. Statehood: A Featured Controversy from Issues & Controversies

Featured in Issues & Controversies:
D.C. STATEHOOD: Should Congress Make Washington, D.C., the 51st State?

Should Congress grant D.C. statehood? Be sure to check out Issues & Controversies’ complete and unbiased coverage of this divisive issue. Here is a sample of the pro/con arguments on both sides of the issue.

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Denying Washington, D.C., residents a voice in Congress is undemocratic. Opposition to D.C. statehood has long been rooted in racism, partisan interest, and hollow legal arguments, none of which should obscure the moral imperative of eliminating taxation without representation and allowing local self-rule. D.C. statehood is an unconstitutional power grab that would leave the federal government dependent on a surrounding state, exactly the recipe for undue influence and favoritism the authors of the U.S. Constitution hoped to avoid. Washington, D.C., does not have the size, industry, or governance necessary to become a state.

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