The Uphill Upskill: Preparing for Career Success Campus-Wide

The Uphill Upskill: Preparing for Career Success Campus-Wide

While each department, office, and community on campus might provide very different services and fill different roles, the needs of individuals within these groups for materials to help them grow in their jobs and lives is very similar. Yet oftentimes a campus can become siloed with each department seeking out unique solutions for its group’s professional or personal development. Here are four examples of campus training and needed upskilling opportunities, but the myriad of reasons why campus employees require a robust training program are far more similar than they are different.

Student Success

The happiness and success of the student body is of obvious importance. Students begin their academic career facing first-year challenges—from an academic course load, to new financial responsibilities, to the distractions of a complex and compelling social scene—while their academic career ends with a set of completely different challenges around launching their career post-graduation. 

Faculty Development

Student success cannot be ensured without a strong, engaged faculty. With a constantly evolving technical landscape, faculty members will require and desire to become fluent in technology skills and online/hybrid teaching skills that have nothing to do with their own subject matter expertise.  

Technology Training

Providing faculty with LMS training or students with new technology training in their coursework is just one area of “technology training” required across college campuses. IT departments, training centers, Admissions, Administration, and just about every other group on campus will benefit from deep-dive new technology training or basic computer training, as the software being used is constantly changing and strangely becoming more complex even as it simplifies work processes.


Human Resources will need consistent and required staff compliance training that aligns with a majority of the necessary topics to help faculty enhance their skill sets and knowledge on an ongoing basis.

Foster Learning and Advance Skills Across Your Entire Campus: Infographic

Infobase Learning Cloud offers professional development learning and training courses designed to meet the unique needs of college campuses—including supporting student success, driving retention, and building faculty and adjunct preparedness. This infographic presents a “campus map” that highlights the broad range of topics covered in our learning library and the many departments and groups who will benefit from them.

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