World News Digest: Fight Fake News

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World News Digest: Fight Fake News

There’s been a lot of buzz about fake news lately, and with the massive amount of information—trustworthy and otherwise—available to ordinary citizens at the touch of a screen, librarians are needed now more than ever. Committed to promoting information literacy, librarians can battle fake news and misinformation in part by maintaining access to trustworthy reference sources curated by experts and scholars.

World News Digest can help fight the influence of fake news and promote information literacy through its accurate, objective, and concise coverage of the most crucial political, economic, and cultural stories and issues. In our age of information overload, World News Digest features concise, original, clearly written news summaries that provide indispensable context and perspective on critical current events. Its “Week in Review” section spotlights timely, hot-button topics of the week, linking to editorially curated content, including news articles, social media reaction, videos, editorial cartoons, and infographics. In addition, World News Digest presents more than seven decades of authoritative news summaries and background articles that make it easy to explore the events that shape our world and life in the 21st century.

World News Digest’s expertly researched and written content has been distilled from carefully selected sources and authored by our editorial experts to form the essential record of world events. Hundreds of institutions—including CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, Fox News, NPR, the CBC, Forbes Media, Time, The Washington Post, Jeopardy!, the Naval War College, and the parliaments of Canada and Australia—rely on World News Digest for crucial information and context on today’s top issues.

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