The World Almanac® for Kids: Two New Modules

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The World Almanac® for Kids: Two New Modules

The award-winning World Almanac® for Kids now has two brand-new modules:

  • Oceans, Lakes & Rivers: The articles in this new geography module discuss Earth’s hydrosphere, oceans, lakes, and rivers, as well as humanity’s impact on Earth’s bodies of water. The module includes Fun Facts articles and informative videos.
  • States of Matter: This physical science module introduces readers to the concept of matter, with topics such as “What Is Matter?”, “Changing States of Matter,” and “Properties of Matter,” as well as a section on the Periodic Table of Elements. Fun Facts articles, videos, and biographies of key people are also included.

These new modules join Symbols of American Freedom, Technology Today, America’s National Parks, and dozens of other modules organized under a range of topic areas that make it easy to find related content.

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