The World Almanac® for Kids Online: Share to Google Classroom, New Correlations, and More

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The World Almanac® for Kids Online: Share to Google Classroom, New Correlations, and More

Infobase is pleased to announce a wealth of exciting enhancements for The World Almanac® for Kids Online that will make using this critically acclaimed database even richer and more rewarding.

Share to Google Classroom!
Do you use Google Classroom? Users can now incorporate The World Almanac® for Kids Online content into Classroom courses with the click of a button! Simply click the Share link, and then “Share To,” on any article page.

New Correlations!
Now users can search for content that meets Common Core, state, national, provincial, IB Organization, national STEM, and Next Generation Science Standards in The World Almanac® for Kids Online. In addition to looking up correlations for a specific article, you can also search by standards—using the Advanced Search, Search by Standards link, or Educational Standards link in the Teacher Support drop-down menu—to find content correlated to specific standards.

New Math Corner Module!
Math teachers, The World Almanac® for Kids Online‘s new Math Corner module is your new go-to math resource. Written by a mathematics chairperson, this new module covers math topics frequently studied in the middle school curriculum. Users will find explanatory articles and printable handouts with practice problems. Teachers can engage and motivate students with the unique math fun facts, videos on math concepts, links to key mathematicians, and interactive games that utilize students’ math skills.

Updated Sports Module—New Olympics Content!
Direct your students to The World Almanac® for Kids Online‘s Sports module to check out the newly added Olympics content. Find lists of Olympic gold medal winners throughout the history of the modern Summer and Winter Olympic Games—including record holders from the 2016 Olympics in Rio—with links to up-to-date biographies of major winners.

New Biographies!
Are your students interested in reading about their favorite Olympians? This recent update adds new and updated biographies on Olympians such as Simone Biles, Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin, Usain Bolt, Ryan Lochte, and Aly Raisman to the Famous People module.

New Embed Code!
By using our new Embed Code feature, users can now add The World Almanac® for Kids Online content to any HTML page or Learning Management System. Simply click on Share, then Embed, from any article page.

These updates are just the latest in a series of notable additions to the The World Almanac® for Kids Online. Earlier this year, an interactive Trivia Challenge was added, allowing kids to form teams and compete to answer Jeopardy!-style questions from different categories. Also, more than 60 new interactive quizzes and worksheets were added to the database, joining the crossword puzzles and word searches in the new Interactives section (accessible from the Resources drop-down menu)—a fun way for students to get instructional practice and reinforce the subject matter. In addition, search results can now be filtered to view just the interactives.

About The World Almanac® for Kids Online:
Erasing the line between homework support and fun exploration, The World Almanac® for Kids Online is a natural complement to the elementary and middle school curriculum. Each curricular subject area provides resources for homework, reports, and projects. Kids can explore age-appropriate topics while developing online research skills with an award-winning, trusted content source.