The World Almanac® for Kids: New Module—Take a Stand

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The World Almanac® for Kids: New Module—Take a Stand

The World Almanac® for Kids database now features a brand-new debate module: Take a Stand. This module offers students and educators an opportunity to explore how to make an argument, back it up with facts, apply critical-thinking skills, and finally take a stand on these relevant topics:

  • Should There Be Animal Testing?
  • Should Schools Start Later in the Morning?
  • Is Social Media a Positive or Negative Influence on Young People?
  • Should All Schools Require Uniforms?
  • Should Student Athletes Be Required to Get Good Grades?
  • Should Boys and Girls Be Educated Together?
  • Should Kids Get a Weekly Allowance?

The section for each debate topic covers the background, the main arguments, and a clear explanation of both sides of the issue, plus a “Your Turn” section with downloadable PDF worksheets to help students frame their arguments. Students can also find Fun Facts articles on three additional debate topics, as well as brief videos on honing critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Take a Stand joins Symbols of American Freedom, Technology Today, America’s National Parks, and dozens of other modules in The World Almanac® for Kids, organized under a range of topic areas that make it easy to find related content.

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