The Real Olympics Documentary in Films On Demand and Access Video On Demand

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The Real Olympics Documentary in Films On Demand and Access Video On Demand

The 2016 Summer Olympics is in full swing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If the excitement over records being broken and historic moments being made has left you curious to know more about the Olympic Games, check out The Real Olympics: A History of the Ancient and Modern Olympic Games in our Films On Demand and Access Video On Demand streaming video collections.

No event in the ancient world compared to the Olympic Games. With Greek culture and influence at their height, the Games drew an audience of tens of thousands. The Olympic Games of ancient Greece were held every four years and without interruption for nearly 12 centuries, until nearly 400 AD. Then abandoned and long-forgotten, they returned in our modern age to inspire the world’s most prestigious amateur sporting event.

At the heart of this documentary is an ambitious reconstruction of major events, from chariot racing to combat sports, involving stuntmen, horse wranglers, 40 young athletes, and hundreds of extras. Experts from universities around the world acted as historical advisors.

The program combines lavish reconstructions of the ancient Greek Games with dramatic highlights from the modern Games to reveal extraordinary contrasts and unexpected connections.

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