Spotlight on Infobase’s Extensive Election-Related Content

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Spotlight on Infobase’s Extensive Election-Related Content

The 2016 U.S. presidential election is inching closer, and Infobase’s databases and streaming video products provide essential coverage, background, and context on all aspects of the election and political process.

World News Digest

World News Digest’s 2016 Elections Guide is your vital, one-stop source for complete campaign coverage, synthesizing in one place everything students and researchers need to know, through:

  • Original, exclusive articles and content
  • Compelling, engaging videos
  • Up-to-date articles from the Reuters® newsfeed.

The 2016 Elections Guide covers:

  • Candidates: See what all the major candidates are up to on the campaign trail.
  • Debates: Examine the key moments of each debate in the nominating process and the general election.
  • Primary and Caucus Contests: Review the most important contests and see the final delegate count.
  • Positions on Issues: Check out where the top candidates stand on critical issues.
  • Endorsements: Track the endorsements that the leading candidates have received.
  • Conventions: View the major speeches at the national conventions for each of the major parties.

The in-depth analysis of the candidates and their positions, the national political conventions and party platforms, and all the debates and issues is perfect for assignments geared to the 2016 election and beyond. You’ll also get valuable coverage and material on every presidential election since Franklin D. Roosevelt won a third term in 1940, from campaign roundups to breaking news stories. World News Digest frames events for research and is the place to start any reference project.

Issues & Controversies

This year’s presidential election is one of the wildest and most divisive in American history. To find out more about the campaign, the candidates, and where they stand on the major issues, read our latest article, “2016 Presidential Race.” And to get a more in-depth look at these major issues—and the pros and cons of each side—check out our clear, timely, and unbiased articles on the following hot-button topics:

  • Climate Change
  • Drug Policy
  • Immigration
  • LGBT Rights
  • Military Intervention Overseas
  • Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control
  • Police Brutality
  • Racial Profiling
  • Tax Reform and the Economy
  • Terrorism and ISIS

Plus, for context and historical research, learn where the presidential nominees stood on the top issues in recent elections. Issues & Controversies’ Presidency and Presidential Races section offers comprehensive background on all presidential campaigns since 1996—including articles about each candidate’s views on controversial matters, party platforms, excerpts from speeches, and much more—along with articles discussing the presidencies and campaigns of Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. And users can also view thought-provoking debate videos on the presidency and American politics.

American History Online
Turn to American History Online for rich historical content ideal for election-related studies and lesson plans. Research past elections, political parties, key figures, and important terms through essays, primary source documents, images and videos, and tables, charts, and maps that put the 2016 election in helpful perspective. You’ll find slideshow overviews illustrating key moments in the history of elections and political parties, presidential inaugural addresses, biographies of U.S. presidents, and video coverage of the origin of presidential campaigns.

Issues & Controversies in American History
Issues & Controversies in American History‘s American Presidential Elections section contains background and results of every U.S. presidential election since 1789. Find voting statistics, biographies, and links to related topics—perfect for adding context around this year’s election.

The World Almanac® Online
The World Almanac® Online is a valuable source for key stats and election results from past presidential elections. In the U.S. Government’s Presidential Elections section, find historical data on voter turnout in elections since 1932, popular and electoral vote for president since 1789, presidential election results by state since 1960, notable third-party and independent campaigns by year, charts of the electoral and popular vote in 2008 and 2012, and much more. Your ultimate resource for statistical comparisons and research!

The World Almanac® for Kids Online
Get your students up to speed on the basics of elections and voting with The World Almanac® for Kids Online! The Elections and Political Parties section of the U.S. Government module offers easy-to-understand bullet points on political parties and how they were started; on presidential campaigns and how they have evolved over the years; and on the presidential election and voting. A helpful glossary helps students become familiar with key terms.

Streaming Video
Newly added to Films On DemandClassroom Video On Demand, and Access Video On Demand, the series We the Voters: A User’s Guide to Democracy will inspire and inform students and patrons—especially those who think voting is a waste of time—while providing voters with tools to help make informed political decisions about the issues that matter most and that best serve their self-interest. In addition, the new U.S. Presidential Election Debates series, together with the Ronald Reagan–John Anderson debate of 1980, offer a fascinating look back at every televised U.S. presidential election debate in history. And Learn360 offers compelling election-related videos, including Elections and Political PartiesElecting a President, and The Great Debates.

For election-related studies, Infobase has got you covered!